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Old 08-07-2001
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This is a niCe idea.

BUT it is makeing my eyes cross due to the color contrast of the letters. can you do it in a matching yellow/white/black anything other then the red would be great. it makes it annoying to look at that portion of the screen.

But it is a great idea.
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secolor.conf(8) 					      System Manager's Manual						   secolor.conf(8)

secolor.conf - The SELinux color configuration file DESCRIPTION
The /etc/selinux/{SELINUXTYPE}/secolor.conf configuation file controls the color to be associated to the context components associated to the raw context passed by selinux_raw_context_to_color(3), when context related information is to be displayed in color by an SELinux-aware application. selinux_raw_context_to_color(3) obtains this color information from the active policy secolor.conf file as returned by selinux_col- ors_path(3). FILE FORMAT
The file format is as follows: color color_name = #color_mask [...] context_component string = fg_color_name bg_color_name [...] Where: color The color keyword. Each color entry is on a new line. color_name A single word name for the color (e.g. red). color_mask A color mask starting with a hash (#) that describes the hexadecimal RGB colors with black being #000000 and white being #ffffff. context_component The context component name that must be one of the following: user, role, type or range Each context_component string ... entry is on a new line. string This is the context_component string that will be matched with the raw context component passed by selinux_raw_context_to_color(3). A wildcard '*' may be used to match any undefined string for the user, role and type context_component entries only. fg_color_name The color_name string that will be used as the foreground color. A color_mask may also be used. bg_color_name The color_name string that will be used as the background color. A color_mask may also be used. EXAMPLES
Example 1 entries are: color black = #000000 color green = #008000 color yellow = #ffff00 color blue = #0000ff color white = #ffffff color red = #ff0000 color orange = #ffa500 color tan = #D2B48C user * = black white role * = white black type * = tan orange range s0-s0:c0.c1023 = black green range s1-s1:c0.c1023 = white green range s3-s3:c0.c1023 = black tan range s5-s5:c0.c1023 = white blue range s7-s7:c0.c1023 = black red range s9-s9:c0.c1023 = black orange range s15:c0.c1023 = black yellow Example 2 entries are: color black = #000000 color green = #008000 color yellow = #ffff00 color blue = #0000ff color white = #ffffff color red = #ff0000 color orange = #ffa500 color tan = #d2b48c user unconfined_u = #ff0000 green role unconfined_r = red #ffffff type unconfined_t = red orange user user_u = black green role user_r = white black type user_t = tan red user xguest_u = black yellow role xguest_r = black red type xguest_t = black green user sysadm_u = white black range s0:c0.c1023 = black white user * = black white role * = black white type * = black white SEE ALSO
mcstransd(8), selinux_raw_context_to_color(3), selinux_colors_path(3) SELinux API documentation 08 April 2011 secolor.conf(8)

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