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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting please help (closed homework thread) Post 50796 by Perderabo on Sunday 2nd of May 2004 09:06:05 PM
Old 05-02-2004
Don't open another thread. Neo has already explained the rules to you.
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my thread got closed

I had a thread open and now it says it's closed. I had a question still on the forum and about 15mins after I posted my most recent question on it the thread said "closed". Why did this happen? I didn't violate any forum rules. Is there a limit on how many postings you can have in a single thread?... (1 Reply)
Discussion started by: hpicracing
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Thread closed when learner has tried

I'm not so sure that this thread should have been closed. Though it was clearly homework the student was asking a specific question related to the assignment, but not the answer to the whole assignment. / . IMHO The solution is... (1 Reply)
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3. UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers

3 homework questions (thread closed)

1st) how can i print only directories? 2nd) how can i print files that someone used in the last X days (for example, 5). thanks very much, i need it for homework and teacher teachs us nothing:( (1 Reply)
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4. Solaris

Interview questions [thread closed]

Hi all, i have found a set questions from the net, i thought it will be great to ask and share with you gurus. I have the questions and some answers (correct me, if i am wrong) for these set of questions. 1. What file do you modify to change the mail aliases (Provide the full path) ? Ans:... (1 Reply)
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