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Top Forums Programming recv() problems using AIX 4.33 Post 50128 by hazard0007 on Friday 16th of April 2004 01:13:52 PM
recv() error.

Thanks for your reply. I found that I did have an error in the recv call. I have corrected the call and it works just fine now. Thanks alot for your time.
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Net::DBus::Annotation(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				Net::DBus::Annotation(3pm)

Net::DBus::Annotation - annotations for changing behaviour of APIs SYNOPSIS
use Net::DBus::Annotation qw(:call); my $object = $service->get_object("/org/example/systemMonitor"); # Block until processes are listed my $processes = $object->list_processes("someuser"); # Just throw away list of processes, pretty pointless # in this example, but useful if the method doesn't have # a return value $object->list_processes(dbus_call_noreply, "someuser"); # List processes & get on with other work until # the list is returned. my $asyncreply = $object->list_processes(dbus_call_async, "someuser"); ... some time later... my $processes = $asyncreply->get_data; DESCRIPTION
This module provides a number of annotations which will be useful when dealing with the DBus APIs. There are annotations for switching remote calls between sync, async and no-reply mode. More annotations may be added over time. METHODS
dbus_call_sync Requests that a method call be performed synchronously, waiting for the reply or error return to be received before continuing. dbus_call_async Requests that a method call be performed a-synchronously, returning a pending call object, which will collect the reply when it eventually arrives. dbus_call_noreply Requests that a method call be performed a-synchronously, discarding any possible reply or error message. AUTHOR
Daniel Berrange <> COPYRIGHT
Copright (C) 2006-2011, Daniel Berrange. SEE ALSO
Net::DBus, Net::DBus::RemoteObject perl v5.14.2 2011-06-30 Net::DBus::Annotation(3pm)

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