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Special Forums IP Networking Routing, Port Mapping, Internet Sharing etc etc Post 49308 by l008com on Tuesday 30th of March 2004 04:34:29 PM
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Question Routing, Port Mapping, Internet Sharing etc etc

I'm running OS X. (OS X Server actually) and right now I use a program called BrickHouse to handle my router configuration. But this program kind of sucks. I'd much rather learn how to configure these programs manually. By these programs, I mean the programs OS X comes with to handle these jobs (natd, ipfw right?). I know BrickHouse is basically just a GUI front end for those. I'd like to be able to manually configure them. So I can SSH into the machine and add a port mapping if I need to, easily and quickly. I can't seem to find any good info on how to do this on the web, I don't know if I'm searching for the wrong thing or what. But if someone wants to walk me through setting something like this up, it would be really appreciated. Thanks.

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INET6_RTHDR_SPACE(3)					   BSD Library Functions Manual 				      INET6_RTHDR_SPACE(3)

inet6_rthdr_space, inet6_rthdr_init, inet6_rthdr_add, inet6_rthdr_lasthop, inet6_rthdr_reverse, inet6_rthdr_segments, inet6_rthdr_getaddr, inet6_rthdr_getflags -- IPv6 Routing Header Options manipulation LIBRARY
Standard C Library (libc, -lc) SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/types.h> #include <netinet/in.h> size_t inet6_rthdr_space(int type, int segments); struct cmsghdr * inet6_rthdr_init(void *bp, int type); int inet6_rthdr_add(struct cmsghdr *cmsg, const struct in6_addr *addr, unsigned int flags); int inet6_rthdr_lasthop(struct cmsghdr *cmsg, unsigned int flags); int inet6_rthdr_reverse(const struct cmsghdr *in, struct cmsghdr *out); int inet6_rthdr_segments(const struct cmsghdr *cmsg); struct in6_addr * inet6_rthdr_getaddr(struct cmsghdr *cmsg, int index); int inet6_rthdr_getflags(const struct cmsghdr *cmsg, int index); DESCRIPTION
RFC2292 IPv6 advanced API defines eight functions that the application calls to build and examine a Routing header. Four functions build a Routing header: inet6_rthdr_space() return #bytes required for ancillary data inet6_rthdr_init() initialize ancillary data for Routing header inet6_rthdr_add() add IPv6 address & flags to Routing header inet6_rthdr_lasthop() specify the flags for the final hop Four functions deal with a returned Routing header: inet6_rthdr_reverse() reverse a Routing header inet6_rthdr_segments() return #segments in a Routing header inet6_rthdr_getaddr() fetch one address from a Routing header inet6_rthdr_getflags() fetch one flag from a Routing header The function prototypes for these functions are all in the <netinet/in.h> header. The full description of these functions is available in RFC2292. DIAGNOSTICS
inet6_rthdr_space() returns 0 on errors. inet6_rthdr_add(), inet6_rthdr_lasthop() and inet6_rthdr_reverse() return 0 on success, and returns -1 on error. inet6_rthdr_init() and inet6_rthdr_getaddr() return NULL on error. inet6_rthdr_segments() and inet6_rthdr_getflags() return -1 on error. EXAMPLES
RFC2292 gives comprehensive examples in chapter 8. SEE ALSO
W. Stevens and M. Thomas, Advanced Sockets API for IPv6, RFC2292, February 1998. S. Deering and R. Hinden, Internet Protocol, Version 6 (IPv6) Specification, RFC2460, December 1998. HISTORY
The implementation first appeared in KAME advanced networking kit. STANDARDS
The functions are documented in ``Advanced Sockets API for IPv6'' (RFC2292). BUGS
The text was shamelessly copied from RFC2292. inet6_rthdr_reverse() is not implemented yet. BSD
December 10, 1999 BSD

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