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Top Forums Programming How do it...? Post 46227 by kduffin on Sunday 11th of January 2004 07:17:48 PM
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Your question needs to be a little more clear. Provide code and the background for your question - otherwise it might be taken as homework (which shouldn't be posted here).

Are you talking about function returns? Or a program return value, such as one that can be retrieved with an echo $? after the program runs?

If the latter, it's a simple exit(-1) or some number. Please elaborate.


PURITY-NG(6)							   Games Manual 						      PURITY-NG(6)

purity-ng - general purpose purity testing software SYNOPSIS
Purity is an interactive purity test program with a simple, user interface and datafile format. For each test, questions are printed to the your terminal, and you are prompted for an answer to the current question. At a prompt, these are your choices: y Answer "yes" to the question. n Answer "no" to the question. b Backup one question, if you answered it incorrectly, or someone is watching you take the test, and you don't (or do) want to admit a different answer. s Print your current score on the test you are taking. q Quit the test, and print the current score. ? Print a help screen for the current prompt. At the end of the test, your score is printed out. For most purity tests, lower scores denote more "experience" of the test material. OPTIONS
--version print current version of purity-ng -h, --help show the help message and exit -p print the test without prompting for answers. -r decrypt the test using the Rot 13 algorithm. To get a list of all purity tests available globally on your system, run purity-ng list. AUTHORS
purity was originally written by Eric Lechner in 1989. purity-ng is a reimplementation of purity in Python for modern systems, written by Simon Fondrie-Teitler and Luke Faraone. This manual page was written by Luke Faraone. BUGS
If you find bugs in the application, please report these to <https://bugs.launchpad.net/purity-ng> or to your distribution's distributor. SEE ALSO
purity(6) Running purity-ng format provides documentation about the datafile format. Additional documentation is available online at <http://packages.python.org/purity-ng>. January 7, 2011 PURITY-NG(6)

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