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In PHP, you would:

make a form that sends the username and password... via POST, of course.


exec("adduser -u $HTTP_POST_VARS[user] -p $HTTP_POST_VARS[password]", $results);


of course, it would be a good idea to use escapeshellcmd() (I forget the exact spelling, sorry - it's early and I haven't had any coffee), because a naughty user might semi-colon off your adduser command Smilie

Of course, the options for adduser vary per system... play with them and figure out what works!
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deluser.conf(5) 						File Formats Manual						   deluser.conf(5)

/etc/deluser.conf - configuration file for deluser(8) and delgroup(8). DESCRIPTION
The file /etc/deluser.conf contains defaults for the programs deluser(8) and delgroup(8). Each option takes the form option = value. Dou- ble or single quotes are allowed around the value. Comment lines must have a hash sign (#) at the beginning of the line. deluser(8) and delgroup(8) also read /etc/adduser.conf, see adduser.conf(8); settings in deluser.conf may overwrite settings made in adduser.conf. The valid configuration options are: REMOVE_HOME Removes the home directory and mail spool of the user to be removed. Value may be 0 (don't delete) or 1 (do delete). REMOVE_ALL_FILES Removes all files on the system owned by the user to be removed. If this option is activated REMOVE_HOME has no effect. Values may be 0 or 1. BACKUP If REMOVE_HOME or REMOVE_ALL_FILES is activated all files are backuped before they are removed. The backup file that is created defaults to username.tar(.gz|.bz2) in the directory specified by the BACKUP_TO option. The compression method is chosen to the best that is available. Values may be 0 or 1. BACKUP_TO If BACKUP is activated, BACKUP_TO specifies the directory the backup is written to. Default is the current directory. NO_DEL_PATHS A list of regular expressions, space separated. All files to be deleted in course of deleting home directories or deleting files owned by the user to be deleted are checked against each of these regular expressions. If a match is detected, the file is not deleted. Defaults to a list of system directories, leaving only /home. In other words: By default only files below /home belonging to that specific user are going to be deleted. ONLY_IF_EMPTY Only delete a group if there are no user who belong to this group. Defaults to 0. EXCLUDE_FSTYPES A regular expression which describes all file systems which should be excluded when looking for files of a user to be deleted. Defaults to "(proc|sysfs|usbfs|devpts|tmpfs)". FILES
/etc/deluser.conf SEE ALSO
deluser(8), delgroup(8), adduser.conf(5) Debian GNU/Linux Version 3.112+nmu1ubuntu5 deluser.conf(5)

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