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Operating Systems Linux Newbe Linux user with his first question... Post 40683 by jabol on Sunday 21st of September 2003 09:53:43 AM
I'm sure that there some script that generates such files. Just try to find it (, man rpm ).
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APPLYDELTARPM(8)					      System Manager's Manual						  APPLYDELTARPM(8)

applydeltarpm - reconstruct an rpm from a deltarpm SYNOPSIS
applydeltarpm [-v] [-p] [-r oldrpm] deltarpm newrpm applydeltarpm -c|-C deltarpm applydeltarpm [-c|-C] -s sequence applydeltarpm -i deltarpm DESCRIPTION
applydeltarpm applies a binary delta to either an old rpm or to on-disk data to re-create a new rpm. The old rpm can be specified with the -r option, if no rpm name is provided on-disk data is used. You can use -p to make applydeltarpm print the percentage of completion, or -v to make it more verbose about its operation. The second an third form can be used to check if the reconstruction is possible. It may fail if the on-disk data got changed (deltarpms are created in a way that config file changes do not matter) or the deltarpm does not match the rpm the delta was generated with. The -c option selects full (i.e. slow) on-disk checking, whereas -C only checks if the filesizes have not changed. Instead of a full deltarpm a sequence id can be given with the -s sequence option. Such an id contains all the information that is needed to do reconstruction checking. Finally information about a deltarpm can be printed with the -i option. EXIT STATUS
applydeltarpm returns 0 if the rpm could be recreated or the checking succeeded, it returns 1 and prints an error message to stderr if something failed. SEE ALSO
makedeltarpm(8), rpm(8) AUTHOR
Michael Schroeder <> Feb 2005 APPLYDELTARPM(8)

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