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Special Forums IP Networking laymens terms for netstat states Post 34757 by RTM on Monday 10th of March 2003 10:02:27 AM
Old 03-10-2003
Two I can think of...

One: A valid request from one system to yours for a connection.

Two: A SYN attack - if you have multiple request that don't seem to stop and increase in number, then you might be under attack.
See WINNT Library for a further explaination.
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SETFIB(1)						    BSD General Commands Manual 						 SETFIB(1)

setfib -- execute a utility with an altered default network view SYNOPSIS
setfib [-F] fib utility [argument ...] DESCRIPTION
The setfib utility runs another utility with a different routing table. The table number fib will be used by default for all sockets started by this process or descendants. ENVIRONMENT
The PATH environment variable is used to locate the requested utility if the name contains no '/' characters. EXIT STATUS
If utility is invoked, the exit status of setfib is the exit status of utility. An exit status of 126 indicates utility was found, but could not be executed. An exit status of 127 indicates utility could not be found. EXAMPLES
Run netstat(1) to view the second routing table. setfib -F 1 netstat -rn or setfib 1 netstat -rn or setfib -1 netstat -rn SEE ALSO
setfib(2), setsockopt(2) STANDARDS
The setfib utility is a FreeBSD specific extension. However, many UNIX-like systems have an equivalent function. HISTORY
The setfib utility appeared in FreeBSD 7.1. BSD
October 20, 2008 BSD

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