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Special Forums IP Networking laymens terms for netstat states Post 34756 by eloquent99 on Monday 10th of March 2003 09:32:51 AM
Old 03-10-2003
laymens terms for netstat states

Ok, I've read the manpages on netstat and it gives a good description of the state values such as CLOSE_WAIT, ESTABLISHED, SYN_RECEIVED, etc..
Can someone give me real world situations where you would get these states. LIke for example if I got SYN_RECEIVED what possible situations would be the reason i got this

Please help, any info given would be much appreciated
thanks in advance
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AA-UNCONFINED(8)						     AppArmor							  AA-UNCONFINED(8)

aa-unconfined - output a list of processes with tcp or udp ports that do not have AppArmor profiles loaded SYNOPSIS
aa-unconfined DESCRIPTION
aa-unconfined will use netstat(8) to determine which processes have open network sockets and do not have AppArmor profiles loaded into the kernel. BUGS
aa-unconfined must be run as root to retrieve the process executable link from the /proc filesystem. This program is susceptible to race conditions of several flavours: an unlinked executable will be mishandled; an executable started before a AppArmor profile is loaded will not appear in the output, despite running without confinement; a process that dies between the netstat(8) and further checks will be mishandled. This program only lists processes using TCP and UDP. In short, this program is unsuitable for forensics use and is provided only as an aid to profiling all network-accessible processes in the lab. If you find any bugs, please report them at <http://>. SEE ALSO
netstat(8), apparmor(7), apparmor.d(5), aa_change_hat(2), and <>. AppArmor 2.7.103 2012-06-28 AA-UNCONFINED(8)

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