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difference between SunOS Release and Solaris Release

Whats the difference between Solaris Relase and SunOS Release??

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Sorry I think someone already pointed out this but I couldn't find it. Please tell me what is the difference between SunOS Version and Solaris Version. What is the purpose of maintaining these two things ? Thanks (2 Replies)
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Hi all, I work on a Sun SPARC station model number 47 with SunOS release 5.3 I modified vfstab file, and I probably done mistake by filling it and now sun doesn't boot. See picture attached. I done a copy of the original file but as I'm not able to boot the sun, I can not replace the file.... (2 Replies)
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ibcm(7D)							      Devices								  ibcm(7D)

ibcm - Solaris InfiniBand Communication Manager DESCRIPTION
The Solaris InfiniBand Communication Manager (IBCM) is a Solaris kernel misc module that adheres to the InfiniBand Architecture Specifica- tion, Volume 1: Release 1.1 for InfiniBand Communication Management Class. IBCM provides a transport layer abstraction to IB clients to set up reliable connected channels along with service, multicast, and path lookup-related functionality. IBCM implements the CM protocol as per the InfiniBand Architecture Specification, Volume 1: Release 1.1 and utilizes the InfiniBand Management Framework module for all IB management-related functionality and the InfiniBand Transport Layer (see ibtl(7D)) for all IB Verbs-related functionality. FILES
/kernel/misc/ibcm 32-bit x86 ELF kernel module /kernel/misc/amd64/ibcm 64-bit x86 ELF kernel module /kernel/misc/sparcv9/ibcm 64-bit SPARC ELF kernel module ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for a description of the following attribute: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |ATTRIBUTE TYPE |ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability | Consolidation Private | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWhea | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
attributes(5), ibtl(7D) InfiniBand Architecture Specification, Volume 1: Release 1.1 SunOS 5.10 2 Apr 2004 ibcm(7D)

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