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Top Forums UNIX for Dummies Questions & Answers Server Specs Post 32127 by Neo on Tuesday 19th of November 2002 10:17:05 AM
Old 11-19-2002
Purchase any modern Intel based home PC and you will be fine. You should visit the web site of your OS (FreeBSD) and make sure their OS supports the hardware, like network, sound and video cards (or chipsets).
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HP hardware specs

A customer gives me the following hardware specs for a HP-UX server: Model: 9000/839/K210 CPU Speed: 120 MHz Physical Memory: 512 Mb. Number of processors: 2 Can someone give me their comments on this server? If you would translate this to an Intel machine what is the approx.... (2 Replies)
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commands to get system specs

Hi, I want to find some information regarding system specs such as CPU speed, total disk space, total RAM, network topology eg. ethernet, patch number, OS patches, database. Thanks (2 Replies)
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what are the commands needed to determine the server specs. memory, space, cpu and others thanx (2 Replies)
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How do I get basic server specs from terminal?

Hi there. Anyone know how to get CPU speed, RAM size etc (basic specs) from a SUN server running solaris, from the unix terminal? I'm sure there must be a command for this but ... I haven't been able to find it so far.. :o Cheers. (8 Replies)
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I740(4) 						     Kernel Interfaces Manual							   I740(4)

i740 - Intel i740 video driver SYNOPSIS
Section "Device" Identifier "devname" Driver "i740" ... EndSection DESCRIPTION
i740 is an Xorg driver for Intel i740 video cards. SUPPORTED HARDWARE
The i740 driver supports Intel 740 based cards. A list of cards reported to work is provided in the README file with the driver source. CONFIGURATION DETAILS
Please refer to xorg.conf(5) for general configuration details. This section only covers configuration details specific to this driver. The driver auto-detects all device information necessary to initialize the card. However, if you have problems with auto-detection, you can specify: VideoRam - in kilobytes DacSpeed - in MHz MemBase - physical address of the linear framebuffer IOBase - physical address of the memory mapped IO registers The following driver options are supported on all chipsets: Option "NoAccel" "boolean" Disable or enable 2D acceleration. Default: acceleration is enabled. Option "SWCursor" "boolean" Request a software cursor (hardware is default). Default: off Option "SDRAM" "boolean" Force the use of SDRAM timings. Default: off Option "SGRAM" "boolean" Force the use of SGRAM timings. Default: off Option "SlowRam" "boolean" Force the use of slower ram timings. Default: off Option "Dac6Bit" "boolean" Force the use of a 6 Bit Dac (8 Bit is the default). Default: off Option "UsePIO" "boolean" Force the use of programmed IO (Memory mapped is the default). Default: off Note: the i740 X server should automatically detect whether your card has SGRAM or SDRAM. Use the "sgram" and "sdram" options if it is incorrectly detected. SEE ALSO
Xorg(1), xorg.conf(5), Xserver(1), X(7) AUTHORS
Authors include: Kevin E Martin and Daryll Strauss of Precision Insight, Inc. The XFree86 version of this driver was donated to The XFree86 Project by Precision Insight, Inc., Cedar Park, TX, USA The Xorg version of this driver originally came from XFree86 4.4rc2. X Version 11 xf86-video-i740 1.3.2 I740(4)

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