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Operating Systems BSD Vbox - FreeBSD - get data from pendrive? Post 303046332 by sea on Friday 1st of May 2020 02:44:08 AM
Old 05-01-2020
Eventhough the REAL fs is msdosfs... I had to mount it as cd9660... because it got 'assigned' to /dev/cd0...

I wish.... sometimes I'm too fast on reporting success Smilie
It was a valid image.. but it's the BSD image I booted the VM off, NOT the usb-image i had expected.

Now Im looking to figure the 'real' usb-link to my hosts-iso...
Vbox - FreeBSD - get data from pendrive?-bsd-gpart-list2jpg

Last edited by sea; 05-01-2020 at 04:26 AM..

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sane-umax1220u(5)					   SANE Scanner Access Now Easy 					 sane-umax1220u(5)

sane-umax1220u - SANE backend for the UMAX Astra 1220U and similar scanners DESCRIPTION
The sane-umax1220 library implements a SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) backend for the the UMAX Astra 1220U and similar scanners. For more information on this backend, please visit http://umax1220u-sane.sourceforge.net/. UMAX ASTRA 1600U/2000U/2100U SUPPORT This backend is also able to drive the UMAX Astra 1600U/2000U/2100U. The 2100U is confirmed to work. For the other scanners no reports have been received yet. Please contact us and tell us if your scanner works (sane-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org). CONFIGURATION
Usually, no manual configuration is necessary. The configuration file for this backend resides in /etc/sane.d/umax1220u.conf. Its contents is a list of device names that correspond to UMAX Astra scanners. Empty lines and lines starting with a hash mark (#) are ignored. A sample configuration file is shown below: #usb vendor product usb 0x1606 0x0010 # Device list for non-linux systems /dev/scanner /dev/usb/scanner0 See sane-usb(5) for information on how to set the access permissions on the usb device files. FILES
The backend configuration file: /etc/sane.d/umax1220u.conf The static library implementing this backend: /usr/lib64/sane/libsane-umax1220u.a The shared library implementing this backend: /usr/lib64/sane/libsane-umax1220u.so (present on systems that support dynamic loading) ENVIRONMENT
SANE_DEBUG_UMAX1220U If the library was compiled with debug support enabled, this environment variable controls the debug level for this backend. E.g., a value of 128 requests all debug output to be printed. Smaller levels reduce verbosity: SANE_DEBUG_UMAX1220U values Number Remark 1 print failures 2 print information 3 print high-level function calls 4 print high-level function checkpoints 9 print mid-level function calls 10 print mid-level function checkpoints 80 print protocol-level function entry 90 print protocol-level function exit Example: export SANE_DEBUG_UMAX1220U=10 KNOWN BUGS
600 dpi scanning may fail for large image sizes. If you keep getting I/O errors, try cycling the power on your scanner to reset it. There is no way to cancel a scan, since the driver ignores sane_cancel(). If you try scanning an image which is too small, you will get I/O errors. Be sure to adjust the scan area before doing a scan, since by default, the scan area is zero. SEE ALSO
sane(7), sane-usb(5) (Old) homepage: http://umax1220u-sane.sourceforge.net/ AUTHOR
Marcio Luis Teixeira <marciot@users.sourceforge.net> EMAIL-CONTACT sane-devel@lists.alioth.debian.org REPORTING BUGS
This backend isn't actively maintained. Nevertheless, bug reports and comments should be sent to the sane-devel mailing list. When report- ing bugs, please run the backend with SANE_DEBUG_UMAX1220U set to 10 and attach a copy of the log messages. 14 Jul 2008 sane-umax1220u(5)

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