Top Forums Programming Issue with Keyboard or Char Encoding During Migration Post 303046248 by hicksd8 on Tuesday 28th of April 2020 08:34:01 AM
Old 04-28-2020
Yes, I'm getting bored with this.

What you are saying is that when I see

on the old forum, there is nevertheless, something wrong with, say, the second quote mark which after migration becomes

If so, then what is wrong with the second quote mark (Unicode value) in the old site???

I just don't understand how it can be that wrong and still display perfectly on my screen (unless it's 8bit value vs 7bit value or some such).

Otherwise, if it displays perfect then it should migrate perfect. Yes?

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Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding(3pm)		User Contributed Perl Documentation		  Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding(3pm)

Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding - Unicode aware Catalyst SYNOPSIS
use Catalyst qw[Unicode::Encoding]; MyApp->config( encoding => 'UTF-8' ); # A valid Encode encoding DESCRIPTION
On request, decodes all params from encoding into a sequence of logical characters. On response, encodes body into encoding. METHODS
encoding Returns an instance of an "Encode" encoding print $c->encoding->name OVERLOADED METHODS
finalize_headers Encodes body into encoding. prepare_uploads Decodes parameters, query_parameters, body_parameters and filenames in file uploads into a sequence of logical characters. prepare_action Decodes request arguments (i.e. "$c->request->arguments") and captures (i.e. "$c->request->captures"). setup Setups "$c->encoding" with encoding specified in "$c->config->{encoding}". handle_unicode_encoding_exception ($exception_context) Method called when decoding process for a request fails. An $exception_context hashref is provided to allow you to override the behaviour of your application when given data with incorrect encodings. The default method throws exceptions in the case of invalid request parameters (resulting in a 500 error), but ignores errors in upload filenames. The keys passed in the $exception_context hash are: param_value The value which was not able to be decoded. error_msg The exception recieved from Encode. encoding_step What type of data was being decoded. Valid values are (currently) "params" - for request parameters / arguments / captures and "uploads" - for request upload filenames. SEE ALSO
Encode, Encode::Encoding, Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode, Catalyst. AUTHORS
Christian Hansen, "" Masahiro Chiba Tomas Doran, "" LICENSE
This library is free software . You can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2012-05-09 Catalyst::Plugin::Unicode::Encoding(3pm)

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