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Full Discussion: Retry Logic But In Cron
Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Retry Logic But In Cron Post 303046127 by RudiC on Friday 24th of April 2020 05:33:59 PM
Old 04-24-2020
Not sure why you should need cron for your task, but this should run under it as well. Make sure it is run by bash! Replace your if construct with
if [ $(ls ${error_dir} | grep -c "\.err$") -eq 0 ]
  then  echo "No Error Files Found $dt" >>$log
  #           exit
  else  while   ((++CNT <= 5))
          do    echo "The below files have been resbumitted. " >> $log
                ls -ltr ${error_dir}*err >>$log
                /bin/java -cp "./TIPError.jar:./TIP31.jar:./TIP31msg_en_US.jar" ResubmitErrors -AuxprpawdRobin01 -P20904 >>$log
                [ $(ls ${error_dir} | grep -c "\.err$") -eq 0 ] && break
                sleep 5
        if (( CNT == 5))
          then  mail "resumitted 5 times please notify vendor"
          else  echo "error corrected after $CNT retries"
        unset CNT

Be aware that you need to check for the error files in every loop. Check the mail stuff and adapt to your system.

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Report bugs using JPackage Bugzilla (http://www.jpackage.org/bugzilla/) jpackage-utils 1.7.5 February 2009 jpackage-utils(7)

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