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Full Discussion: Retry Logic But In Cron
Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Retry Logic But In Cron Post 303046099 by xgringo on Thursday 23rd of April 2020 05:31:39 PM
Old 04-23-2020
Retry Logic But In Cron

Hard to explain but we get two sets of files in, and index file and image file. Often the image file arrives way later, so we just run this resubmit.sh script I'm going to show in a second.
log="$log_dir/resub.`date +"%m%d%y"`.log"
ERRORFILE=`ls /apps/dwd/rip-robinprod/work/*err|wc -l`
dt=`date '+%d/%m/%Y_%H:%M:%S'`

cd $java_dir

if [ $ERRORFILE -gt 0 ]; then
   sed -i 's/�/-/g' $error_dir*.rpt
   echo "The below files have been resbumitted. " >> $log
   echo `ls -ltr $error_dir*err` >>$log
   /bin/java -cp "./TIPError.jar:./TIP31.jar:./TIP31msg_en_US.jar" ResubmitErrors -AuxprpawdRobin01 -P20904 >>$log
   echo "No Error Files Found $dt" >>$log ;\

This basically uses those jar files and tries to reconcile the files, if they don't work the files go back into a directory with the file extensions .err and rpt
Each time they do the resbumit.sh it updates the time stamp. How can we retry like 5 times and then kick out an email that this has been resumitted 5 times please notify vendor?

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DOVEADM-LOG(1)							      Dovecot							    DOVEADM-LOG(1)

doveadm-log - Locate, test or reopen Dovecot's log files SYNOPSIS
doveadm [-Dv] log errors [-s min_timestamp] doveadm [-Dv] log find [directory] doveadm [-Dv] log reopen doveadm [-Dv] log test DESCRIPTION
The doveadm log commands are used to locate and reopen the log files of dovecot(1). It's also possible to test the configured targets of the *log_path settings. OPTIONS
Global doveadm(1) options: -D Enables verbosity and debug messages. -v Enables verbosity, including progress counter. COMMANDS
log errors doveadm log errors [-s min_timestamp] The log errors command is used to show the last - up to 1,000 - errors and warnings. If no output is generated, no errors have occurred since the last start. -s min_timestamp An integer value, representing seconds since the epoch - also known as Unix timestamp. When a min_timestamp was given, doveadm(1) will only show errors occurred since that point in time. log find doveadm log find [directory] The log find command is used to show the location of the log files, to which dovecot(1) sends its log messages. If dovecot(1) logs its messages through syslogd(8) and doveadm(1) could not find any log files, you can specify the directory where your syslogd writes its log files. log reopen doveadm log reopen This command causes doveadm to reopen all log files, configured in the log_path, info_log_path and debug_log_path settings. These settings are configured in /etc/dovecot/conf.d/10-logging.conf. This is for example useful after manually rotating the log files. log test doveadm log test This command causes doveadm to write the message "This is Dovecot's priority log (timestamp)" to the configured log files. The used prior- ities are: debug, info, warning, error and fatal. EXAMPLE
This example shows how to locate the log files used by dovecot(1). doveadm log find Looking for log files from /var/log Debug: /var/log/dovecot.debug Info: /var/log/mail.log Warning: /var/log/mail.log Error: /var/log/mail.log Fatal: /var/log/mail.log REPORTING BUGS
Report bugs, including doveconf -n output, to the Dovecot Mailing List <dovecot@dovecot.org>. Information about reporting bugs is avail- able at: http://dovecot.org/bugreport.html SEE ALSO
doveadm(1) Dovecot v2.2 2013-11-24 DOVEADM-LOG(1)

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