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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Cannot kill many processes whose ppid is 1 Post 303045901 by alexcol on Friday 17th of April 2020 02:48:37 PM
Old 04-17-2020
Good afternoon:

Thank you both of you for your support

Actually i have no evidence since Server was restarted yesterday and in ksh log there is nothing since it updates an oracle table, so when execute this command there is no problem

ps -flu xpfactur
 F S      UID   PID  PPID   C PRI NI     ADDR     SZ    WCHAN    STIME TTY         TIME CMD
 0 S xpfactur 49595 47172   0  39 20        ?   6601        ? 13:01:02 ?           0:00 sqlplus -s / @/produccion/explotaci
 0 O xpfactur 54450 59198   0  40 20        ?    231          13:40:12 pts/49      0:00 ps -flu xpfactur
 0 S xpinvoice 69870 69818   0  40 20        ?   6590        ? 00:22:57 pts/41      0:00 sqlplus /
 0 S xpinvoice 67630 66324   0  40 20        ?    231        ? 01:33:38 pts/42      0:07 -ksh
 0 0 S xpinvoice 56816 56815   0  40 20        ?    202        ? 12:43:04 pts/25      0:00 bc
 0 S xpinvoice 26472 15164   0  52 24        ?  33211        ? 21:36:09 pts/23      3:12 FaSched -a FAC -l 3 -u /
 0 S xpinvoice 15164 15138   0  40 20        ?    228        ? 21:34:40 pts/23      0:00 -ksh
 0 S xpinvoice 53326     1   0  52 24        ?    209        ? 13:40:06 pts/23      0:00 sh //produccion/explotacion/xpfactu
 0 S xpinvoice 14293 14245   0  40 20        ?    228        ? 21:34:27 pts/8       0:00 -ksh
 0 S xpinvoice 65613 65562   0  40 20        ?    228        ? 05:56:13 pts/46      0:00 -ksh
 0 S xpinvoice 25119 24946   0  40 20        ?    229        ? 12:00:03 ?           0:00 /usr/bin/ksh /produccion/explotacio
 0 S xpinvoice 24946  1966   0  40 20        ?   1810        ? 12:00:02 ?           0:00 auto_rem /opt/CA/UnicenterAutoSysJM
 0 S xpinvoice 28370 28359   0  40 20        ?    228        ? 21:45:27 pts/32      0:00 -ksh

What is the next step if status were D ?

Thank you for your help in advanced

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PTS_QUIT(1)						       AFS Command Reference						       PTS_QUIT(1)

pts_quit - Exit from pts interactive mode SYNOPSIS
pts quit [-cell] <cell name> [-noauth] [-localauth] [-force] pts q [-c] <cell name> [-n] [-l] [-f] DESCRIPTION
The pts quit command exits from pts interactive mode. The command can be run from the command line or interactively, but on the command line it does nothing and is therefore of questionable utility. CAUTIONS
Prior to OpenAFS 1.4.5 and OpenAFS 1.5.23, the pts quit command was only available on Unix or Linux and when OpenAFS was compiled with the supergroups option (disabled by default). As of OpenAFS 1.4.5 and 1.5.23, it is always available. OPTIONS
Although they have no effect, pts quit takes the following standard pts options: -cell <cell name> Names the cell in which to run the command. For more details, see pts(1). -force Enables the command to continue executing as far as possible when errors or other problems occur, rather than halting execution at the first error. -help Prints the online help for this command. All other valid options are ignored. -localauth Constructs a server ticket using a key from the local /etc/openafs/server/KeyFile file. Do not combine this flag with the -cell or -noauth options. For more details, see pts(1). -noauth Assigns the unprivileged identity anonymous to the issuer. For more details, see pts(1). OUTPUT
This command produces no output. EXAMPLES
Here is an example of a pts interactive session: % pts interactive pts> quit % SEE ALSO
pts(1), pts_interactive(1) COPYRIGHT
Copyright 2007 Jason Edgecombe <jason@rampaginggeek.com> This documentation is covered by the BSD License as written in the doc/LICENSE file. This man page was written by Jason Edgecombe for OpenAFS. OpenAFS 2014-04-08 PTS_QUIT(1)

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