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I'm not sure if I can be of help. I just want to see the basic hardware and software environment. inxi does a good job collecting that and presenting it in a compact way. There may be some specific memories of problems, when I see your environment. Seems not very useful to mention everything of what most is probably not relevent in your case.

Inxi is a script relying on the basic system tools and perl. If you're sceptical to install or even only download an run it it's ok for me.

Further more I have the suggestion to review the kernel startup log(debian: /var/log/kern.log) and dmesg for any error/warning regarding driver module loading(especially complaints about missing firmware files) or networking errors/warnings.
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db_recover(8)						      System Manager's Manual						     db_recover(8)

db_recover - Restores the database to a consistent state (Enhanced Security) SYNOPSIS
/usr/tcb/bin/db_recover [-cv] [-h home] FLAGS
Failure was catastrophic. Specify a home directory for the database. The correct directory for enhanced security is /var/tcb/files. Write out the pathnames of all of the database log files, whether or not they are involved in active transactions. Run in verbose mode. DESCRIPTION
A customized version of the Berkeley Database (Berkeley DB) is embedded in the operating system to provide high-performance database sup- port for critical security files. The DB includes full transactional support and database recovery, using write-ahead logging and check- pointing to record changes. The db_recover utility runs after an unexpected system failure to restore the security database to a consistent state. All committed transactions are guaranteed to appear after db_recover has run, and all uncommitted transactions are completely undone. DB recovery is normally performed automatically for the security files as part of system startup. In the case of catastrophic failure, an archival copy, or snapshot of all database files must be restored along with all of the log files written since the database file snapshot was made. (If disk space is a problem, log files may be referenced by symbolic links). If the failure was not catastrophic, the files present on the system at the time of failure are sufficient to perform recovery. If log files are missing, db_recover identifies the missing log files and fails, in which case the missing log files need to be restored and recovery performed again. The db_recover utility attaches to one or more of the Berkeley DB shared memory regions. In order to avoid region corruption, it should always be given the chance to detach and exit gracefully. To cause db_recover to clean up after itself and exit, send it an interrupt sig- nal (SIGINT). RETURN VALUES
The db_recover utility exits 0 on success, and >0 if an error occurs. ENVIRONMENT VARIABLES
If the -h option is not specified and the environment variable DB_HOME is set, it is used as the path of the database home. The home directory for security is /var/tcb/files. FILES
/var/tcb/files/auth.db /var/tcb/files/dblogs/* RELATED INFORMATION
Commands: db_archive(8), db_checkpoint(8), db_printlog(8), db_dump(8), db_load(8), db_stat(8), secconfig(8) delim off db_recover(8)

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