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what info are you interested in, i can post it from conventional tools like ethtool, ip, ifconfig, lshw, lspci.

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LSHW(1) 																   LSHW(1)

lshw - list hardware SYNOPSIS
lshw [ -version ] lshw [ -help ] lshw [ -X ] lshw [ [ -html ] [ -short ] [ -xml ] [ -json ] [ -businfo ] ] [ -dump filename ] [ -class class... ] [ -disable test... ] [ -enable test... ] [ -sanitize ] [ -numeric ] [ -quiet ] DESCRIPTION
lshw is a small tool to extract detailed information on the hardware configuration of the machine. It can report exact memory configura- tion, firmware version, mainboard configuration, CPU version and speed, cache configuration, bus speed, etc. on DMI-capable x86 or IA-64 systems and on some PowerPC machines (PowerMac G4 is known to work). It currently supports DMI (x86 and IA-64 only), OpenFirmware device tree (PowerPC only), PCI/AGP, CPUID (x86), IDE/ATA/ATAPI, PCMCIA (only tested on x86), SCSI and USB. -version Displays the version of lshw and exits. -help Displays the available command line options and quits. -X Launch the X11 GUI (if available). -html Outputs the device tree as an HTML page. -xml Outputs the device tree as an XML tree. -json Outputs the device tree as a JSON object (JavaScript Object Notation). -short Outputs the device tree showing hardware paths, very much like the output of HP-UX's ioscan. -businfo Outputs the device list showing bus information, detailing SCSI, USB, IDE and PCI addresses. -dump filename Dump collected information into a file (SQLite database). -class class Only show the given class of hardware. class can be found using lshw -short or lshw -businfo. -C class Alias for -class class. -enable test -disable test Enables or disables a test. test can be dmi (for DMI/SMBIOS extensions), device-tree (for OpenFirmware device tree), spd (for memory Serial Presence Detect), memory (for memory-size guessing heuristics), cpuinfo (for kernel-reported CPU detection), cpuid (for CPU detection), pci (for PCI/AGP access), isapnp (for ISA PnP extensions), pcmcia (for PCMCIA/PCCARD), ide (for IDE/ATAPI), usb (for USB devices),scsi (for SCSI) or network (for network interfaces detection). -quiet Don't display status. -sanitize Remove potentially sensitive information from output (IP addresses, serial numbers, etc.). -numeric Also display numeric IDs (for PCI and USB devices). BUGS
lshw currently does not detect Firewire(IEEE1394) devices. Not all architectures supported by GNU/Linux are fully supported (e.g. CPU detection). "Virtual" SCSI interfaces used for SCSI emulation over IDE are not reported correctly yet. NOTES
lshw must be run as super user or it will only report partial information. FILES
/usr/local/share/pci.ids /usr/share/pci.ids /etc/pci.ids /usr/share/hwdata/pci.ids A list of all known PCI ID's (vendors, devices, classes and subclasses). /proc/bus/pci/* Used to access the configuration of installed PCI busses and devices. /proc/ide/* Used to access the configuration of installed IDE busses and devices. /proc/scsi/*, /dev/sg* Used to access the configuration of installed SCSI devices. /dev/cpu/*/cpuid Used on x86 platforms to access CPU-specific configuration. /proc/device-tree/* Used on PowerPC platforms to access OpenFirmware configuration. /proc/bus/usb/* Used to access the configuration of installed USB busses and devices. /sys/* Used on 2.6 kernels to access hardware/driver configuration information. EXAMPLES
lshw -short Lists hardware in a compact format. lshw -class disk -class storage Lists all disks and storage controllers in the system. lshw -html -class network Lists all network interfaces in HTML. lshw -disable dmi Don't use DMI to detect hardware. SEE ALSO
/proc/*, linuxinfo(1), lspci(8), lsusb(8) COPYING
lshw is distributed under the GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE (GPL) version 2. AUTHOR
lshw is maintained by Lyonel Vincent <>. OTHER INFO
The webpage for lshw is at <URL:> $Rev: 2179 $ 30 May 2010 LSHW(1)

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