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Maybe this is helpful:

AIX Open Source Packages | FAQs / FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

From the ref above:

A solution to the RPM dependency hell problem

I guess everybody who has installed a couple of RPM packages using rpm itself and not the help with a tool like yum ran into the following issue:

You have downloaded and want to install RPM aaa.rpm.

aaa.rpm has dependency on bbb.rpm and ccc.rpm.
bbb.rpm has dependency on ddd.rpm and ccc.rpm on eee.rpm and fff.rpm.

So you end up circling through all your RPM files and downloading all prerequisite RPM files just to install aaa.rpm. This can become quite annoying and time-consuming for packages with lots of dependencies. This is actually where a tool like yum is helping you a lot because it does all the steps outlined above for you. Unfortunately, I have so far found no way of compiling and providing YUM for AIX that could be done in a compatible manner (to the IBM provided RPM) as AIX still uses the old V3.0.5 version of RPM while all RPM-based Linux distributions have switched to RPM V4.X a long time ago. Also all recent YUM versions require at least a RPM version >= 4.4.

My solution approach to this problem

Basically what you want is a complete and self-contained list of dependencies for the RPM file aaa.rpm.
You download all the RPM packages on this list (make sure that you have downloaded them all into a separate directory which was empty before).
After downloading all the RPM packages on the list you can just install the RPM file aaa.rpm as easy as
rpm -Uvh *.rpm

This approach mimics kind of the AIX NIM behavior of a software bundle (the list here) and a lpp_source (the separate directory containing all required RPM files).

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depend(4)                                                          File Formats                                                          depend(4)

depend - software dependencies file DESCRIPTION
depend is an ASCII file used to specify information concerning software dependencies for a particular package. The file is created by a software developer. Each entry in the depend file describes a single software package. The instance of the package is described after the entry line by giving the package architecture and/or version. The format of each entry and subsequent instance definition is: type pkg name (arch)version (arch)version ... The fields are: type Defines the dependency type. Must be one of the following characters: P Indicates a prerequisite for installation; for example, the referenced package or versions must be installed. I Implies that the existence of the indicated package or version is incompatible. R Indicates a reverse dependency. Instead of defining the package's own dependencies, this designates that another package depends on this one. This type should be used only when an old package does not have a depend file, but relies on the newer package nonetheless. Therefore, the present package should not be removed if the designated old package is still on the system since, if it is removed, the old package will no longer work. pkg Indicates the package abbreviation. name Specifies the full package name. (arch)version Specifies a particular instance of the software. A version name cannot begin with a left parenthesis. The instance specifi- cations, both (arch) and version, are completely optional, but each (arch)version pair must begin on a new line that begins with white space. A null version set equates to any version of the indicated package. EXAMPLES
Example 1: Sample of depend file Here are the contents of a sample depend file, for the SUNWftpr (FTP Server) package, stored in /var/sadm/pkg/SUNWftpr/install: P SUNWcar Core Architecture, (Root) P SUNWkvm Core Architecture, (Kvm) P SUNWcsr Core Solaris, (Root) P SUNWcsu Core Solaris, (Usr) P SUNWcsd Core Solaris Devices P SUNWcsl Core Solaris Libraries R SUNWftpu FTP Server, (Usr) SEE ALSO
pkginfo(4) Application Packaging Developer's Guide SunOS 5.10 4 Oct 1996 depend(4)

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