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You may want to try this:
cd out
ls -1 */* | 
while IFS="/_" read _ PRFX _
  do    echo "${PRFX%%.*}"
  done | 
sort -u |
while   read DN
  do    echo mkdir "$DN"
        ls */"$DN"* |
        while   read FN
          do    echo cp "$FN" "$DN/$FN"
mkdir seed-1
cp 1.Amber/seed-1_clean.e1.log seed-1/1.Amber/seed-1_clean.e1.log
cp 1.Amber/seed-1_clean.e2.log seed-1/1.Amber/seed-1_clean.e2.log
cp 1.Amber/seed-1_test.idx seed-1/1.Amber/seed-1_test.idx
cp 2.Dragon/seed-1.ppt seed-1/2.Dragon/seed-1.ppt
cp 3.Chris/seed-1.tar.gz seed-1/3.Chris/seed-1.tar.gz
mkdir seed-2
cp 1.Amber/seed-2_clean.e1.log seed-2/1.Amber/seed-2_clean.e1.log
cp 1.Amber/seed-2_clean.e2.log seed-2/1.Amber/seed-2_clean.e2.log
cp 1.Amber/seed-2_test.idx seed-2/1.Amber/seed-2_test.idx
cp 2.Dragon/seed-2.ppt seed-2/2.Dragon/seed-2.ppt
cp 3.Chris/seed-2.tar.gz seed-2/3.Chris/seed-2.tar.gz

Remove the last two echoes if happy with what you see.

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NEW(1)                                                               [nmh-1.5]                                                              NEW(1)

new - report on folders with new messages fnext - set current folder to next folder with new messages fprev - set current folder to previous folder with new messages unseen - scan new messages in all folders with new messages SYNOPSIS
new [sequences] [-mode mode] [-folders foldersfile] [-version] [-help] fnext is equivalent to new -mode fnext fprev is equivalent to new -mode fprev unseen is equivalent to new -mode unseen DESCRIPTION
New in its default mode produces a one-line-per-folder listing of all folders containing messages in the listed sequences or in the sequences listed in the profile entry "Unseen-Sequence". Each line contains the folder, the number of messages in the desired sequences, and the message lists from the .mh_sequences file. For example: foo 11.* 40-50 bar 380. 760-772 824-828 total 391. The `*' on foo indicates that it is the current folder. The last line shows the total number of messages in the desired sequences. New crawls the folder hierarchy recursively to find all folders, and prints them in lexicographic order. Override this behavior by provid- ing foldersfile containing the pre-sorted list of folders new should check, one per line. In fnext and fprev modes, new instead changes to the next or previous matching folder, respectively. In unseen mode, new executes scan sequences for each matching folder. FILES
$HOME/.mh_profile The user profile PROFILE COMPONENTS
Path: To determine the user's nmh directory Current-Folder: To find the default current folder Unseen-Sequence: The name of the unseen message sequence SEE ALSO
scan(1), mh-format(5) HISTORY
Based on Luke Mewburn's new ( MH.6.8 11 June 2012 NEW(1)

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