The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Bug in New User Registration Process (No Registration Complete Message) Post 303045611 by Neo on Friday 3rd of April 2020 09:11:46 AM
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Bug in New User Registration Process (No Registration Complete Message)

There is bug in the new member registration process.

This bug appeared after we paused registration and moved to the new forums in our initial test mode.

When a new user registers now (here), the registration processes completes (normally) but the "Registration Success" message does not appear in the registration feedback message.

However, the user can login.

I have already retired this code base and do not plan to fix this bug since we will be moving to a new forum soon.

Thank you for your patience.

One option is to disable new user registrations again here, but for now I will leave it "as-is" since we will get the new forums running again soon (we hope!).
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CIPUX_CAT_WEB_MODULE(1p)				User Contributed Perl Documentation				  CIPUX_CAT_WEB_MODULE(1p)

Program to register, deregister and list a CAT modules. SYNOPSIS(1) cipux_cat_web_module [OPTIONS] --register --object <NAME>| --all(2) cipux_cat_web_module [OPTIONS] --deregister --object <NAME>| --all(3) cipux_cat_web_module [OPTIONS] --list-registered(4) cipux_cat_web_module [OPTIONS] --list-deregistered OPTIONS
Options for all commands: -D | --debug : print debug messages for developers -h | --help : print help (this message + options) -l | --login ID : uses ID as UID to authenticate -V | --version : print only version --verbose : print more messages -w | --password CRED : uses CRED as credential to authenticate Additional options for registering and deregistering: -a | --all : (de)register all pending objects Additional options for registering: -e | --enable : enable module(s) -m | --add-member : add object (user or group) to ACL USAGE SPECIFIC
OPTIONS(1) register --add-member <NAME> : do add object to the ACL, so that this object can access the modules. An object could be a group or a user. -e | --enable : do enable the module during registration; module is disabled by default -a | --all : register all modules or -o | --object <NAME> : or register only one module(2) deregister -a | --all : deregister all modules or -o | --object <NAME> : or deregister only one module The URL of the CipUX XML-RPC server is taken from cipux-cat-web.ini file. The default location for CipUX-CAT-Web. If you would like to use a different URL change catweb_rpc_server in the base section. DESCRIPTION OF OPTIONS
-a Same as option --all -add-member NAME Adds NAME to the ACL of that module(s). -all Register all CAT modules. -D Same as option --debug. --debug To see more output, what the internals is doing, you can enable the --debug option and see more message printed to STDOUT. -e Same as option --enable. --enable Enable the object during registration. -h Same as option --help --help Prints brief help message. -l UID Same as option --login UID. --login UID Use UID as identity to authenticate against RPC server. -o Same as option --object --object This option is used to specify the object on which the command is operating. Make sure you choose the right object. Of course this will also fail when the object is not fetchable with (in the objects list of) --task. --password SECRET Use SECRET as credential to authenticate against RPC server. -V Same as option --version. --version Prints the version and exits. --verbose Not implemented yet. -v Same as option --verbose. -w SECRET Same as option --password SECRET. perl v5.14.2 2012-12-07 CIPUX_CAT_WEB_MODULE(1p)

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