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Full Discussion: Cannot login - field missing
Contact Us Forum Support Area for Unregistered Users & Account Problems Cannot login - field missing Post 303045604 by Unregistered on Friday 3rd of April 2020 06:07:00 AM
Old 04-03-2020
Cannot login - field missing

Can't login with any web browser. When clicking on Login a message appears but no input fields:


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WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Callback(3pm)	User Contributed Perl Documentation	  WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Callback(3pm)

WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Callback - Call Perl code to fill out a HTML form field SYNOPSIS
use WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller; use WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Callback; my $f = WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller->new(); # Create a default value for the HTML field "login" # This will put the current login name into the login field sub find_login { getlogin || getpwuid($<) || "Kilroy"; }; my $login = WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Callback->new( login => &find_login ); $f->add_value( login => $login ); # Alternatively take the following shorthand, which adds the # field to the list as well : # "If there is no password, put a nice number there my $password = $f->add_filler( password => Callback => sub { int rand(90) + 10 } ); DESCRIPTION
This class provides a way to write a value returned by Perl code into a HTML field. new NAME, CODE Creates a new value which will correspond to the HTML field "NAME". The "CODE" is a code reference that will return the value to be written into the HTML field. The code reference will be called with two parameters, the object and the HTML::Form::Input object. name [NEWNAME] Gets and sets the name of the HTML field this value corresponds to. value FIELD Returns the value to put into the HTML field. EXPORT None by default. COPYRIGHT AND LICENSE This library is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. Copyright (C) 2002,2003 Max Maischein AUTHOR
Max Maischein, <corion@cpan.org> Please contact me if you find bugs or otherwise improve the module. More tests are also very welcome ! SEE ALSO
WWW::Mechanize, WWW::Mechanize::Shell, WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller, WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Value, WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Default, WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Random, WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Interactive perl v5.10.1 2009-04-24 WWW::Mechanize::FormFiller::Value::Callback(3pm)

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