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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Now that WSL v2 exists why would you still leave Windows for Linux ? Post 303045514 by sreyan32 on Saturday 28th of March 2020 03:10:41 PM
Old 03-28-2020
Originally Posted by jim mcnamara
FWIW - Microsoft originally ran 2 OSes - Xenix and DOS. Xenix was a UNIX clone and DOS later became Windows. It was a business decision to drop Xenix and go all Windows, just like going WSL2 is a business decision now that Microsoft is doing streaming and gets revenue there.

The reason for an all-Linux desktop has to do with being able to use all of the features of Linux internals, the kinds of things you could not do in Windows.
Microsoft resisted anybody even knowing what the base api (the system calls) was until there was a lawsuit they lost. So it meant if something was broken MS had to fix it, you had to sit on your hands waiting. You could not come out with a new meaningful bit of software without using a special expensive development environment - Visual Studio.

This caused MS a problem down the road

Windows lost ground when many of the appliance manufacturers went with Linux - refrigerators, cars, routers, firewalls, disk arrays, Android cell phones.
Windows also took lots of hits because of hacker attacks that only they could "fix". Linux is subject to some attacks

Short answer - if you have lots of money and windows you can learn to program. If you do not have lots of money you can learn with Linux, since most Linux tools are free. If you want to use twitter it does not matter all that much what you use.
Thanks so much for replying. I understand that these things might be basic to Linux veterans, hence the patience is really appreciated.

I would just like to add the forced updates and the huge telemetry in Windows 10.

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STATFS(2)						     Linux Programmer's Manual							 STATFS(2)

statfs, fstatfs - get file system statistics SYNOPSIS
#include <sys/vfs.h> int statfs(const char *path, struct statfs *buf); int fstatfs(int fd, struct statfs *buf); DESCRIPTION
statfs returns information about a mounted file system. path is the path name of any file within the mounted filesystem. buf is a pointer to a statfs structure defined as follows: struct statfs { long f_type; /* type of filesystem (see below) */ long f_bsize; /* optimal transfer block size */ long f_blocks; /* total data blocks in file system */ long f_bfree; /* free blocks in fs */ long f_bavail; /* free blocks avail to non-superuser */ long f_files; /* total file nodes in file system */ long f_ffree; /* free file nodes in fs */ fsid_t f_fsid; /* file system id */ long f_namelen; /* maximum length of filenames */ long f_spare[6]; /* spare for later */ }; File system types: linux/affs_fs.h: AFFS_SUPER_MAGIC 0xADFF linux/efs_fs.h: EFS_SUPER_MAGIC 0x00414A53 linux/ext_fs.h: EXT_SUPER_MAGIC 0x137D linux/ext2_fs.h: EXT2_OLD_SUPER_MAGIC 0xEF51 EXT2_SUPER_MAGIC 0xEF53 linux/hpfs_fs.h: HPFS_SUPER_MAGIC 0xF995E849 linux/iso_fs.h: ISOFS_SUPER_MAGIC 0x9660 linux/minix_fs.h: MINIX_SUPER_MAGIC 0x137F /* orig. minix */ MINIX_SUPER_MAGIC2 0x138F /* 30 char minix */ MINIX2_SUPER_MAGIC 0x2468 /* minix V2 */ MINIX2_SUPER_MAGIC2 0x2478 /* minix V2, 30 char names */ linux/msdos_fs.h: MSDOS_SUPER_MAGIC 0x4d44 linux/ncp_fs.h: NCP_SUPER_MAGIC 0x564c linux/nfs_fs.h: NFS_SUPER_MAGIC 0x6969 linux/proc_fs.h: PROC_SUPER_MAGIC 0x9fa0 linux/smb_fs.h: SMB_SUPER_MAGIC 0x517B linux/sysv_fs.h: XENIX_SUPER_MAGIC 0x012FF7B4 SYSV4_SUPER_MAGIC 0x012FF7B5 SYSV2_SUPER_MAGIC 0x012FF7B6 COH_SUPER_MAGIC 0x012FF7B7 linux/ufs_fs.h: UFS_MAGIC 0x00011954 linux/xfs_fs.h: XFS_SUPER_MAGIC 0x58465342 linux/xia_fs.h: _XIAFS_SUPER_MAGIC 0x012FD16D Fields that are undefined for a particular file system are set to 0. fstatfs returns the same information about an open file referenced by descriptor fd. RETURN VALUE
On success, zero is returned. On error, -1 is returned, and errno is set appropriately. ERRORS
For statfs: ENOTDIR A component of the path prefix of path is not a directory. ENAMETOOLONG path is too long. ENOENT The file referred to by path does not exist. EACCES Search permission is denied for a component of the path prefix of path. ELOOP Too many symbolic links were encountered in translating path. EFAULT Buf or path points to an invalid address. EIO An I/O error occurred while reading from or writing to the file system. ENOMEM Insufficient kernel memory was available. ENOSYS The filesystem path is on does not support statfs. For fstatfs: EBADF fd is not a valid open file descriptor. EFAULT buf points to an invalid address. EIO An I/O error occurred while reading from or writing to the file system. ENOSYS The filesystem fd is open on does not support statfs. CONFORMING TO
The Linux statfs was inspired by the 4.4BSD one (but they do not use the same structure). SEE ALSO
stat(2) Linux 2.0.30 1997-08-21 STATFS(2)

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