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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Script should keep running only at specific time Post 303045251 by Syedsabeel on Saturday 14th of March 2020 11:52:48 AM
Old 03-14-2020
We have procedure to stop we used to kill the process. For start we have to go bin path and have to start using ./start.sh.

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Stuck or failure data will be around 100. I can clear it later.

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COLORS(3)						   libbash colors Library Manual						 COLORS(3)

colors -- libbash library for setting tty colors. SYNOPSIS
colorSet <color> colorReset colorPrint [<indent>] <color> <text> colorPrintN [<indent>] <color> <text> DESCRIPTION
General colors is a collection of functions that make it very easy to put colored text on tty. The function list: colorSet Sets the color of the prints to the tty to COLOR colorReset Resets current tty color back to normal colorPrint Prints TEXT in the color COLOR indented by INDENT (without adding a newline) colorPrintN The same as colorPrint, but trailing newline is added Detailed interface description follows. Available colors: Green Red Yellow White The color parameter is non-case-sensitive (i.e. RED, red, ReD, and all the other forms are valid and are the same as Red). FUNCTIONS DESCRIPTIONS
colorSet <color> Sets the current printing color to color. colorReset Resets current tty color back to normal. colorPrint [<indent>] <color> Prints text using the color color indented by indent (without adding a newline). Parameters: <indent> The column to move to before start printing. This parameter is optional. If ommitted - start output from current cursor position. <color> The color to use. <color> The text to print. colorPrintN [<indent>] <color> The same as colorPrint, except a trailing newline is added. EXAMPLES
Printing a green 'Hello World' with a newline: Using colorSet: $ colorSet green $ echo 'Hello World' $ colorReset Using colorPrint: $ colorPrint 'Hello World'; echo Using colorPrintN: $ colorPrintN 'Hello World' AUTHORS
Hai Zaar <haizaar@haizaar.com> Gil Ran <gil@ran4.net> SEE ALSO
ldbash(1), libbash(1) Linux Epoch Linux

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