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Top Forums Programming Programming a Telegram Bot Using Node-RED, PHP, and MySQL Post 303045167 by RavinderSingh13 on Friday 13th of March 2020 12:16:55 AM
Old 03-13-2020
Originally Posted by Neo
Good job Ravinder.
Always a pleasure to see people learning new things and using that knowledge to solve real-world problems.
Can you use kind of system at your work?
Thank you for encouragement Neo Smilie

Yes, I did some stuff from this one(already written almost 8 to 9 functions).

But in company I believe they will NOT allow Telegram(since it could be information breach; usually sites apps like Whats app, telegram are NOT trusted in firms) so I am thinking to do this with Microsoft's Skype(which is official and is used in firms too). Let me have more hands on with this one at home then I will try to implement this with official communicator etc.

And again yes, its very powerful; right now I written functions for eg-->
  • 1- Know number of opened files in a server(where code is deployed basically for time being, not connected to other servers).
  • 2- Check disk space for mount(will enhance it to take input from user for mount).
  • 3- Check number of running processes in system.
  • 4- Get N number of lines(entered by user value) of log file.
  • 5- Know system's uptime.
  • 6- Starting and stopping tomcat in progress.
  • 7- Installing few software (like tomcat, systemd etc) are in progress.

I will post a detailed version of it over weekend(migration cancelled this weekend).

R. Singh
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