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Well, ask "Is this cool?" works now.

 ----------- TEST AREA -----------
# | SWARM 0.3                                                                                  2020.03.13 : 03:38 | #
# |                                                   my title                                                    | #
# | left                                               middle                                               right | #
# | This                                                 is                                                 piped | #
# | Is this cool? (yn)                                                                                          y | #
 ----------- TEST AREA -----------

real	0m1.585s
user	0m0.122s
sys	0m0.044s
[sea@manjaro-desktop prjs]$ time . SWARM/runtime 
TODO : swarm.sanity.env
 ----------- TEST AREA -----------
# | SWARM 0.3                                                                                  2020.03.13 : 03:39 | #
# |                                                   my title                                                    | #
# | left                                               middle                                               right | #
# | This                                                 is                                                 piped | #
# | Is this cool? (yn)                                                                                            | #
 ----------- TEST AREA -----------

real	0m0.131s
user	0m0.141s
sys	0m0.043s

EDIT: /* Seems I was a bit too fast on pressing 'n' that it was printed during the loading screen, thus not at it's 'regular' position.. but just check the return number Smilie */

It even has a 'fallback' mode, using '+' and '-', just in case anything with possible translations should not work.

And the best part, you dont have to press enter - at least not as long your 'read' does support this feature Smilie
Well, the 2nd part is what I'm going to adapt now.

But first I'll write a quick 'help handler' and probably prepare a dyanamic 'man(page) handler' as well.

But if you're interest in the BASIC version, it's first iteration (without the actual handling of the different read abilities , here's the code:
	ask() { # "What question?"
	# Ask a yes/no question, returns 0/true for yes and 1/false for no
	# y/n are taken from language file and are used in code
		# Check if 'yesno' is empty, if so, fill with fallback values
		[[ -z "${SWARM_MSG_ASK_YES}${SWARM_MSG_ASK_NO}" ]] && \
			SWARM_MSG_ASK_YES="+" && \

		swarm.print.border -e
		# Print the text
		$PRINTF "$(swarm.print.goto $(( ${#SWARM_THEME_DATA[border-left]} + 2  )))$1 (${SWARM_MSG_ASK_YES}${SWARM_MSG_ASK_NO})"
		# Move the cursor
		$PRINTF "$(swarm.print.goto $(( $COLUMNS / 2 * 2 - ${#SWARM_THEME_DATA[border-left]} - 2  )))"
		read -n1 answer
		$PRINTF "$posEND\n"

		case "$answer" in
				return 0
				return 1
		*)		return 1

Lets share the code as long it's simple Smilie

Last edited by sea; 03-13-2020 at 01:15 AM..

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