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Top Forums Shell Programming and Scripting Blog-Thread: Creating a Shell Wrapper and Runtime Modifier (SWARM) Post 303045155 by sea on Thursday 12th of March 2020 07:11:13 PM
Colors are working now! Smilie
Gave it a shot this afternoon for a few minutes (first image), but since the sun was shining, I decided to not sit in front of the computer Smilie

So I then continued like 1 hr and 5 minutes ago....

And a a few adjustments later, voila, the result is screenshot:

Allthough I had code written already for that, I could only re-use 2 lines of code, the other 140 lines (total, incl yesterday) were/are freshly written.

I'm so happy, now that the core visuals are done (already!!!), I can focus on the cool part....
Convenience functions, like: ask, choose, edit, progress, download and all the other small things Smilie

You have NO IDEA how much I MISS my TUI!!
But I force myself to continue SWARM until I can replace all my TUI scripts.

Console/terminal feels sooo 1985 again...

Soon, very soon.. I hope Smilie

And just saying.. colors and borders are THEME'able! Smilie

But for the roadmap ahead, I'll do these tomorrow:
* ask "Question?" ; the (yn) will be supported by language file & code!
* choose $list or "${ARRAY[@]}" ; the select wrapper
* and if, which probably will be the case, I have enough time, status $? "left text" "center text"

As this would complete what I consider the absolute minimal core requirements of SWARM.

Last edited by sea; 03-12-2020 at 08:40 PM..
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htmlfix(3)							     EN Tools								htmlfix(3)

htmlfix - Fixup HTML markup code SYNOPSIS
htmlfix [-o outputfile] [-F fixes] [-S fixes] [-v] [inputfile] DESCRIPTION
The htmlfix program reads inputfile or from "stdin" and performs the following actions (name of each fixup is within parentheses): (imgsize) : Adding WIDTH and HEIGHT attributes to IMG tags For all "IMG" tags which don't already have both "WIDTH" and "HEIGHT" attributes (matched case insensitive), the size of the image (taken from the "SRC" attribute) is determined and the missing ``"width=X"'' and/or ``"height=Y"'' is added to the list of attributes. The intention is to speedup the layouting of the final webpage. Don't intermix this with a size checker: htmlfix will only add missing width/height attributes and don't adjust ones with wrong dimensions. This is because else the user wouln't be able to scale images (used a lot by webdesigners via 1pt dot-images). There is a special case: When the "WIDTH" or "HEIGHT" attribute already exists and has a value of ``"*"'' this asterisk is replaced by the physical value instead of appending a new attribute. Use when you want the attributes at a certain position, i.e. use this variant as a placeholder. HTMLfix supports one additionl feature in conjunction with "WIDTH" and "HEIGHT": "SCALE="factor and "SCALE="percent"%". This can be used to scale the given or determined width and height values by multiplying with factor or multiplying with percent/100. (imgalt) : Adding ALT attribute to IMG tags For all "IMG" tags which don't already have a "ALT" tag an "ALT=""" attribute is added. The intention is to both make HTML checkers like weblint(1) happy and to demystify the final webpage for lynx(1) users. (summary) : Adding SUMMARY attribute to TABLE tags This attribute helps non-visual rendering of tables by adding a hint on its contents, and it makes tidy(1) quiet. (center) : Changing proprietary CENTER tag to standard DIV tag All proprietary (Netscape) "CENTER" tags are replaced by the HTML 3.2 conforming construct ``"<DIV ALIGN=CENTER>"''. (space) : Fix trailing spaces in tags Appendix C of the XHTML Specification recommands putting a space before closing simple tags to help rendering by old browsers. This space is automatically added when this fixup is used. On the other hand, all spaces before a right-angle bracker are suppressed. (quotes) : Adding missing quotes for attributes All attributes of the form ``"...=xyz"'' are replaced by ``"...="xyz""''. Furthermore all (color) attributes of the form ``"...="XXYYZZ""'' (XX,YY,ZZ elements of set {0,..,9,a,..,f} are fixed to ``"...="#XXYYZZ""''. (indent) : Indenting paragraphs Paragraphs enclosed in "<indent [num=N] [size=S]>"..."</indent>" containers are indented by N*S spaces. When N=0 then the whitespace block in front of the paragraph is removed. Default is a 4 space indentation (N=1, S=4). (comment) : Out-commenting tags Sometimes it is useful to temporarily out-comment a tag instead of completely removing it. This can be done by just adding a sharp (``"#"'') character directly to the end of the tagname. The result is that the complete tag is commented out. For container-tags you have to comment out the end-tag explicitly, too. Example: ``<"a# href="..."">''. (tagcase) : Markup-code case-conversion Some people like their HTML markup code either to be all uppercase or all lowercase. This tag case-conversion is supported by the internal "<tagconv case=...>"..."</tagconv>" container tag from HTMLfix. Use "case=upper" to translate the HTML tags in its body to uppercase (default) or "case=lower" to translate them to lowercase. OPTIONS
-o outputfile This redirects the output to outputfile. Usually the output will be send to "stdout" if no such option is specified or outputfile is ""-"". -F fixes This option specifies which specifix fixups are performed. Its argument is a comma separated list of fixup names, and by default all fixups are performed. -S fixes This option does the inverse job, it skips specified fixups. -v This sets verbose mode where some processing information will be given on the console. AUTHORS
Ralf S. Engelschall Denis Barbier EN Tools 2014-04-16 htmlfix(3)

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