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List only duplicate values of column and count instances of .csv file in UNIX

I need to take any one of the column of a .csv file and count the number of instances of each not unique value in that column. I'd like the output to be value,count sorted by most instances. Thanks for any guidance!

Data example:


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Locale::Language(3perl) 				 Perl Programmers Reference Guide				   Locale::Language(3perl)

Locale::Language - standard codes for language identification SYNOPSIS
use Locale::Language; $lang = code2language('en'); # $lang gets 'English' $code = language2code('French'); # $code gets 'fr' @codes = all_language_codes(); @names = all_language_names(); DESCRIPTION
The "Locale::Language" module provides access to standard codes used for identifying languages, such as those as defined in ISO 639. Most of the routines take an optional additional argument which specifies the code set to use. If not specified, the default ISO 639 two- letter codes will be used. SUPPORTED CODE SETS
There are several different code sets you can use for identifying languages. The ones currently supported are: alpha-2 This is the set of two-letter (lowercase) codes from ISO 639, such as 'he' for Hebrew. This code set is identified with the symbol "LOCALE_LANG_ALPHA_2". This is the default code set. alpha-3 This is the set of three-letter (lowercase) bibliographic codes from ISO 639, such as 'heb' for Hebrew. This code set is identified with the symbol "LOCALE_LANG_ALPHA_3". term This is the set of three-letter (lowercase) terminologic codes from ISO 639. This code set is identified with the symbol "LOCALE_LANG_TERM". ROUTINES
code2language ( CODE [,CODESET] ) language2code ( NAME [,CODESET] ) language_code2code ( CODE ,CODESET ,CODESET2 ) all_language_codes ( [CODESET] ) all_language_names ( [CODESET] ) Locale::Language::rename_language ( CODE ,NEW_NAME [,CODESET] ) Locale::Language::add_language ( CODE ,NAME [,CODESET] ) Locale::Language::delete_language ( CODE [,CODESET] ) Locale::Language::add_language_alias ( NAME ,NEW_NAME ) Locale::Language::delete_language_alias ( NAME ) Locale::Language::rename_language_code ( CODE ,NEW_CODE [,CODESET] ) Locale::Language::add_language_code_alias ( CODE ,NEW_CODE [,CODESET] ) Locale::Language::delete_language_code_alias ( CODE [,CODESET] ) These routines are all documented in the Locale::Codes man page. SEE ALSO
Locale::Codes Locale::Constants Source of the ISO 639 codes. AUTHOR
See Locale::Codes for full author history. Currently maintained by Sullivan Beck ( COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 1997-2001 Canon Research Centre Europe (CRE). Copyright (c) 2001-2010 Neil Bowers Copyright (c) 2010-2011 Sullivan Beck This module is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the same terms as Perl itself. perl v5.14.2 2011-09-26 Locale::Language(3perl)

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