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Full Discussion: Query an admin
Contact Us Forum Support Area for Unregistered Users & Account Problems Query an admin Post 303044904 by 69Rixter on Sunday 8th of March 2020 03:07:13 PM
Query an admin

Would like to contact a moderator/admin. How do I achieve this?


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myproxy-admin-change-pass(8)					      MyProxy					      myproxy-admin-change-pass(8)

myproxy-admin-change-pass - change credential passphrase SYNOPSIS
myproxy-admin-change-pass [ options ] DESCRIPTION
The myproxy-admin-change-pass command changes the passphrase used to encrypt a credential in the MyProxy repository. The command first prompts for the current passphrase for the credential, then prompts twice for the new passphrase. If an empty passphrase is given, the credential will not be encrypted. It accesses the repository directly and must be run on the machine where the myproxy-server(8) is installed from the account that owns the repository. OPTIONS
-h Displays command usage text and exits. -u Displays command usage text and exits. -s dir Specifies the location of the credential storage directory. The directory must be accessible only by the user running the myproxy- server process for security reasons. Default: /var/lib/myproxy or /var/myproxy or $GLOBUS_LOCATION/var/myproxy -l username Specifies the MyProxy account under which the credential should be stored. -k name Specifies the credential name. -S, --stdin_pass By default, the command prompts for a passphrase and reads the passphrase from the active tty. When running the command non-inter- actively, there may be no associated tty. Specifying this option tells the command to read passphrases from standard input without prompts or confirmation. EXIT STATUS
0 on success, >0 on error AUTHORS
See for the list of MyProxy authors. SEE ALSO
myproxy-change-pass-phrase(1), myproxy-destroy(1), myproxy-info(1), myproxy-init(1), myproxy-logon(1), myproxy-retrieve(1), myproxy- store(1), myproxy-server.config(5), myproxy-admin-adduser(8), myproxy-admin-load-credential(8), myproxy-admin-query(8), myproxy-server(8) MyProxy 2009-12-1 myproxy-admin-change-pass(8)

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