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Top Forums Programming Programming a Telegram Bot Using Node-RED, PHP, and MySQL Post 303044839 by RavinderSingh13 on Thursday 5th of March 2020 12:32:21 AM
Old 03-05-2020
Thanks a TON Neo for sharing this Smilie It really helps to all of us who want to learn.

After getting inspired from you, highly, I too started, yesterday, and installed node-red in windows system and created a very basic flow of reading a csv file and reading Earthquake data from tutorial itself as of now Smilie

you are really GREAT in learning things FAST(I.T techs), I have never seen a person learning this much fast honestly saying Smilie

Let me see if I could prepare one and share it here too with all of us Smilie

R. Singh
This User Gave Thanks to RavinderSingh13 For This Post:

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POE::Component::IRC::Qnet(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			    POE::Component::IRC::Qnet(3pm)

POE::Component::IRC::Qnet - A fully event-driven IRC client module for Quakenet SYNOPSIS
use strict; use warnings; use POE qw(Component::IRC::Qnet); my $nickname = 'Flibble' . $$; my $ircname = 'Flibble the Sailor Bot'; my $port = 6667; my $qauth = 'FlibbleBOT'; my $qpass = 'fubar'; my @channels = ( '#Blah', '#Foo', '#Bar' ); # We create a new PoCo-IRC object and component. my $irc = POE::Component::IRC::Qnet->spawn( nick => $nickname, port => $port, ircname => $ircname, ) or die "Oh noooo! $!"; POE::Session->create( package_states => [ main => [ qw(_default _start irc_001 irc_public) ], ], heap => { irc => $irc }, ); $poe_kernel->run(); sub _start { my ($kernel, $heap) = @_[KERNEL, HEAP]; # We get the session ID of the component from the object # and register and connect to the specified server. my $irc_session = $heap->{irc}->session_id(); $kernel->post( $irc_session => register => 'all' ); $kernel->post( $irc_session => connect => { } ); return; } sub irc_001 { my ($kernel, $sender) = @_[KERNEL, SENDER]; # Get the component's object at any time by accessing the heap of # the SENDER my $poco_object = $sender->get_heap(); print "Connected to ", $poco_object->server_name(), " "; # Lets authenticate with Quakenet's Q bot $kernel->post( $sender => qbot_auth => $qauth => $qpass ); return; } sub irc_public { my ($kernel, $sender, $who, $where, $what) = @_[KERNEL, SENDER, ARG0 .. ARG2]; my $nick = ( split /!/, $who )[0]; my $channel = $where->[0]; if ( my ($rot13) = $what =~ /^rot13 (.+)/ ) { $rot13 =~ tr[a-zA-Z][n-za-mN-ZA-M]; $kernel->post( $sender => privmsg => $channel => "$nick: $rot13" ); } return; } # We registered for all events, this will produce some debug info. sub _default { my ($event, $args) = @_[ARG0 .. $#_]; my @output = ( "$event: " ); for my $arg ( @$args ) { if (ref $arg eq 'ARRAY') { push( @output, '[' . join(', ', @$arg ) . ']' ); } else { push ( @output, "'$arg'" ); } } print join ' ', @output, " "; return 0; } DESCRIPTION
POE::Component::IRC::Qnet is an extension to POE::Component::IRC specifically for use on Quakenet <http://www.quakenet.org/>. See the documentation for POE::Component::IRC for general usage. This document covers the extensions. The module provides a number of additional commands for communicating with the Quakenet service bot Q. METHODS
"service_bots" The component will query Q its default name on Quakenet. If you wish to override these settings, use this method to configure them. $irc->service_bots(QBOT => 'W@blah.network.net'); In most cases you shouldn't need to mess with these >;o) INPUT
The Quakenet service bots accept input as PRIVMSG. This module provides a wrapper around the POE::Component::IRC "privmsg" command. "qbot_*" Send commands to the Q bot. Pass additional command parameters as arguments to the event. $kernel->post ('my client' => qbot_auth => $q_user => $q_pass); OUTPUT EVENTS
All output from the Quakenet service bots is sent as NOTICEs. Use "irc_notice" to trap these. "irc_whois" Has all the same hash keys in "ARG1" as POE::Component::IRC, with the addition of 'account', which contains the name of their Q auth account, if they have authed, or a false value if they haven't. BUGS
A few have turned up in the past and they are sure to again. Please use <http://rt.cpan.org/> to report any. Alternatively, email the current maintainer. AUTHOR
Chris 'BinGOs' Williams <chris@bingosnet.co.uk> Based on the original POE::Component::IRC by: Dennis Taylor, <dennis@funkplanet.com> SEE ALSO
POE::Component::IRC <http://www.quakenet.org/> perl v5.14.2 2011-12-07 POE::Component::IRC::Qnet(3pm)

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