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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Play Computer Trivia on Telegram Post 303044791 by Neo on Wednesday 4th of March 2020 04:41:30 AM
Old 03-04-2020
Play Computer Trivia on Telegram

Today, I am releasing a new app I developed this week, Computer Trivia for Telegram.

This is the same trivia as our current forum trivia; however, we are currently keeping the Telegram trivia results / scores in a different DB than the computer trivia played on the web.

If you are already a Telegram messaging app user, all you need to do is search for UNIXForumBot and add this bot; and you are "good to go".

For others, you can easily download Telegram., for Linux, Macs, PCs, Androids and iPhones. It's free. You can play both on your mobile and on. your desktop Telegram app.


Basically, using the bot is self-explanatory. When you connect for the first time, you will see some menu options. You can always get to the main menu with /help. You can press or type in /triv and you are on you way to wasting time and having fun, maybe even learning along the way.

Some notes:
  • You must answer all questions (no skipping) and if you "skip" the system will not serve you another question until you enter a true / false answer.
  • You can only answer once, so if you press /false or /true repeatedly, the bot will inform you "all questions have been answered".
  • You must use a / before each command. It's /help not help, for example.

At the moment, I don't know of any bugs. I have debugged and tested with over 200 questions and answers so far (but only since yesterday), and it is working well so far.

Here are some screenshots. Please post back in this discussion thread if you have any questions.

In addition, I will do a future write-up on how I built this application using Telegram, Node-RED, MySQL and PHP. The Telegram computer trivia questions are the same DB as the main forum trivia questions (over 1000 True/False questions).

I'm not sure how many people will enjoy playing this with Telegram, but let's see. At least try it once, maybe you will like it when you are waiting in line at the store, stuck in traffic, or on the subway! Smilie

Play Computer Trivia on Telegram-img_9197jpg

Play Computer Trivia on Telegram-img_9198jpg

Play Computer Trivia on Telegram-img_9199jpg

Play Computer Trivia on Telegram-img_9200jpg

Also, I plan to build a scoreboard / leaderboard for this in the future which can be viewed on the main web site, and in part, using the bot.
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