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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers How to print last field ouput in Linux? Post 303044706 by MadeInGermany on Monday 2nd of March 2020 04:36:41 AM
Old 03-02-2020
Why not shell only?
The shell's read command reads the remainder into the last given variable; that's exactly what is desired here.
while read x name x x description
  echo -e "{\"'Name'\":\"'"$name"'\",\"'Description'\":\"'"$description"'\"}"
done < filename


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NWPJMV(1)							      nwpjmv								 NWPJMV(1)

nwpjvm - Move print job to Unix queue SYNOPSIS
nwpjmv [ -S server ] [ -h ] [ -U user name ] [ -P password | -n ] [ -C ] [ -q queue name ] [ -c command ] [ -j job number ] [ -d ] DESCRIPTION
nwpjmv is a program that connects to print queues on NetWare servers and moves a designated print job to a Unix queue. OPTIONS
-h -h is used to print out a short help text. -S server server is the name of the server you want to use. -U user user is the print server name at the server. -P password password is the password to use for the print server at the server. If neither -n nor -P are given, and the user has no open connection to the server, pserver prompts for a password. -n -n should be given if the print server does not require a password. -C By default, passwords are converted to uppercase before they are sent to the server, because most servers require this. You can turn off this conversion by -C. -q queue name queue name is the name of the print queue you want to service. -c command nwpjmv removes the designated job from the Novell queue and feeds the job file to stdin. command is the printing command that is exe- cuted for each job. The default command is 'lpr'. You can insert several flags into the command, preceded by %. These are replaced with values retrieved from the queue structure for the print job. %u: This field will be replaced by the name of the user who posted this print job. %d: This field will be replaced by the job description field of this print job. -j job number This designates the ID number of the print job to be moved. -d causes extra error messages to be logged. SEE ALSO
nwclient(5), slist(1), pqlist(1), ncpmount(8), ncpumount(8), pserver(1) CREDITS
nwpjmv was written by Bruno Browning (bruno@lss.wisc.edu) based on pserver by Volker Lendecke (lendecke@math.uni-goettingen.de) nwpjmv 03/15/2003 NWPJMV(1)

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