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Full Discussion: Optimize code in single line
Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Optimize code in single line Post 303044679 by jim mcnamara on Sunday 1st of March 2020 09:11:33 AM
Old 03-01-2020
Optimization does not mean condensing several readable single commands into a less readable single line - which can be harder to maintain, say, in six months. When you have forgotten about it. And you have to come back for other changes - then you wonder what this 'optimized' code really does.

Crocodile indeed.
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Gnome2::Canvas::Widget(3pm)				User Contributed Perl Documentation			       Gnome2::Canvas::Widget(3pm)

Gnome2::Canvas::Widget - Gtk2::Widgets as CanvasItems HIERARCHY
Glib::Object +----Glib::InitiallyUnowned +----Gtk2::Object +----Gnome2::Canvas::Item +----Gnome2::Canvas::Widget PROPERTIES
'anchor' (Gtk2::AnchorType : default "north-west" : readable / writable) 'height' (double : default 0 : readable / writable) 'size-pixels' (boolean : default false : readable / writable) 'widget' (Gtk2::Widget : default undef : readable / writable) 'width' (double : default 0 : readable / writable) 'x' (double : default 0 : readable / writable) 'y' (double : default 0 : readable / writable) ENUMS AND FLAGS
enum Gtk2::AnchorType o 'center' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_CENTER' o 'north' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_NORTH' o 'north-west' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_NORTH_WEST' o 'north-east' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_NORTH_EAST' o 'south' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_SOUTH' o 'south-west' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_SOUTH_WEST' o 'south-east' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_SOUTH_EAST' o 'west' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_WEST' o 'east' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_EAST' o 'n' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_N' o 'nw' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_NW' o 'ne' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_NE' o 's' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_S' o 'sw' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_SW' o 'se' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_SE' o 'w' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_W' o 'e' / 'GTK_ANCHOR_E' SEE ALSO
Gnome2::Canvas, Glib::Object, Glib::InitiallyUnowned, Gtk2::Object, Gnome2::Canvas::Item COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2003-2004 by the Gtk2-Perl Team. This software is licensed under the LGPL; see Gnome2::Canvas for a full notice. perl v5.14.2 2011-11-16 Gnome2::Canvas::Widget(3pm)

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