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Special Forums Cybersecurity Efficiency Network Security Analysis for Data Mining Post 303044620 by Neo on Friday 28th of February 2020 03:24:31 AM
Old 02-28-2020
Efficiency Network Security Analysis for Data Mining

I see this all the time, and so I'm used to it; but sometimes it is fun to post it anyway, since this is dated just a week ago, and today flew into my inbox;

Efficiency Network Security Analysis for Data Mining, February 21, 2020


Efficiency Network Security Analysis for Data Mining-screen-shot-2020-02-28-31950-pmjpg
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pactester(1)															      pactester(1)

pactester - Tool to test proxy auto-config (pac) files. SYNOPSIS
pactester <-p pacfile> <-u url> [-h host] [-c client_ip] [-e] pactester <-p pacfile> <-f urlslist> [-c client_ip] [-e] DESCRIPTION
pactester is a tool to test proxy auto-config (pac) files. It returns the proxy config string for the given URL and the pac file. pactester uses pacparser C library for most of its functionality. OPTIONS
-p pacfile PAC file to test. Specify "-" to read from the standard input. -u url URL to test the PAC file for. -h host Host part of the URL. If not specified, it's determined from the URL. -c client_ip Client's IP address (as returned by the function myIpAddress() in PAC files). If not specified, it defaults to the IP address of the machine on which this tool is running. -e Enable Microsoft PAC extensions (dnsResolveEx, myIpAddressEx, isResolvableEx). -f urlslist A file containing the list of URLs to be tested. This is good for testing a PAC file against a set of URLs. EXAMPLES
To find out the proxy config string for the pac file "wpad.dat" and the URL "": $ pactester -p wpad.dat -u For a client with IP address $ pactester -p wpad.dat -c -u For a pac file hosted at http://wpad/wpad.dat: $ curl -s http://wpad/wpad.dat | pactester -p - -u BUGS
If you have come across a bug in pactester, please submit a bug report at AUTHOR
Written by Manu Garg ( RESOURCES
Homepage: pactester(1)

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