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Full Discussion: Cybercrime marketplace
The Lounge What is on Your Mind? Cybercrime marketplace Post 303044599 by Neo on Thursday 27th of February 2020 07:50:17 AM
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SWAC-GET(1)						      General Commands Manual						       SWAC-GET(1)

swac-get - audio collections of words (SWAC) manager SYNOPSIS
swac-get [-t] [clear] [update] | [upgrade] | [select <url|packid>] | [deselect <url|packid>] | [list] | [list-sources] | [list-available] | [sql <query>] | [--help] | [--version] DESCRIPTION
Swac-get is a simple command line program which allows to download and install audio collections of words (SWAC) in a SQLite3 database. Audio collections can be imported from the hard drive or directly from the Internet using the HTTP protocol. Swac-get is designed to be used with swac-explore, a GTK+ interface which allows the browsing of the created SQLite3 database. An important set of free audio collec- tions of words (SWAC) is available at: For more information, please, visit the Shtooka Project homepage at: . COMMANDS
clear clear database deselect <url|packid> delete records of the package <url|packid> from the database list list installed packages list-available list available packages list-sources list source repositories sql <query> execute a sql query in the database select <url|packid> insert records of the package <url|packid> in the database ex: swac-get select file:///home/<my directory>/ swac-get select<my package>/ogg/ swac-get select fra-balm-voc select source-delete <url> delete <url> from the repositories list source-deselect <url> deselect <url> from the repositories list source-select <url> add <url> to the repositories list ex: swac-get source-select swac-get source-select file:///home/<my directory>/ update update the list of available packages upgrade upgrade installed packages OPTIONS
-t, --target <path> set the SQLite3 database path (default path is ~/.swac/swac.db) -v, --version print version information and exit -h, --help print this help and exit EXAMPLES
swac-get source-select swac-get update swac-get select chi-balm-hsk1 swac-get select fra-balm-voc BUGS
swac-get doesn't care about the version number for the upgrade command. AUTHOR
swac-get and this manual page were written by Nicolas Vion <>. mai 25, 2008 SWAC-GET(1)

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