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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers Any way to get join to include the non-matching line ??? Post 303044577 by nezabudka on Thursday 27th of February 2020 12:23:41 AM
join -t'|' -a1 a.txt b.txt
join -t'|' -a1 a.txt c.txt

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Tk_GetJoinStyle(3tk)					       Tk Library Procedures					      Tk_GetJoinStyle(3tk)


Tk_GetJoinStyle, Tk_NameOfJoinStyle - translate between strings and join styles SYNOPSIS
#include <tk.h> int Tk_GetJoinStyle(interp, string, joinPtr) const char * Tk_NameOfJoinStyle(join) ARGUMENTS
Tcl_Interp *interp (in) Interpreter to use for error reporting. const char *string (in) String containing name of join style: one of "bevel", "miter", or "round". int *joinPtr (out) Pointer to location in which to store X join style corresponding to string. int join (in) Join style: one of JoinBevel, JoinMiter, JoinRound. _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
Tk_GetJoinStyle places in *joinPtr the X join style corresponding to string, which will be one of JoinBevel, JoinMiter, or JoinRound. Join styles are typically used in X graphics contexts to indicate how adjacent line segments should be joined together. See the X documentation for information on what each style implies. Under normal circumstances the return value is TCL_OK and interp is unused. If string does not contain a valid join style or an abbrevia- tion of one of these names, then an error message is stored in interp->result, TCL_ERROR is returned, and *joinPtr is unmodified. Tk_NameOfJoinStyle is the logical inverse of Tk_GetJoinStyle. Given a join style such as JoinBevel it returns a statically-allocated string corresponding to join. If join is not a legal join style, then "unknown join style" is returned. KEYWORDS
bevel, join style, miter, round Tk Tk_GetJoinStyle(3tk)

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