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In tr the number of characters in arg1 should match the number in arg2 - otherwise the behavior is not possible.
Convert directly to newline:
tr -s ' ,!' '\n\n\n' < filename

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EXPLODE(3)								 1								EXPLODE(3)

explode - Split a string by string

array explode (string $delimiter, string $string, [int $limit]) DESCRIPTION
Returns an array of strings, each of which is a substring of $string formed by splitting it on boundaries formed by the string $delimiter. PARAMETERS
o $delimiter - The boundary string. o $string - The input string. o $limit - If $limit is set and positive, the returned array will contain a maximum of $limit elements with the last element containing the rest of $string. If the $limit parameter is negative, all components except the last -$limit are returned. If the $limit parame- ter is zero, then this is treated as 1. Note Although implode(3) can, for historical reasons, accept its parameters in either order, explode(3) cannot. You must ensure that the $delimiter argument comes before the $string argument. RETURN VALUES
Returns an array of strings created by splitting the $string parameter on boundaries formed by the $delimiter. If $delimiter is an empty string (""), explode(3) will return FALSE. If $delimiter contains a value that is not contained in $string and a negative $limit is used, then an empty array will be returned, otherwise an array containing $string will be returned. CHANGELOG
+--------+-----------------------------------------+ |Version | | | | | | | Description | | | | +--------+-----------------------------------------+ | 5.1.0 | | | | | | | Support for negative $limits was added | | | | +--------+-----------------------------------------+ EXAMPLES
Example #1 explode(3) examples <?php // Example 1 $pizza = "piece1 piece2 piece3 piece4 piece5 piece6"; $pieces = explode(" ", $pizza); echo $pieces[0]; // piece1 echo $pieces[1]; // piece2 // Example 2 $data = "foo:*:1023:1000::/home/foo:/bin/sh"; list($user, $pass, $uid, $gid, $gecos, $home, $shell) = explode(":", $data); echo $user; // foo echo $pass; // * ?> Example #2 explode(3) return examples <?php /* A string that doesn't contain the delimiter will simply return a one-length array of the original string. */ $input1 = "hello"; $input2 = "hello,there"; var_dump( explode( ',', $input1 ) ); var_dump( explode( ',', $input2 ) ); ?> The above example will output: array(1) ( [0] => string(5) "hello" ) array(2) ( [0] => string(5) "hello" [1] => string(5) "there" ) Example #3 $limit parameter examples <?php $str = 'one|two|three|four'; // positive limit print_r(explode('|', $str, 2)); // negative limit (since PHP 5.1) print_r(explode('|', $str, -1)); ?> The above example will output: Array ( [0] => one [1] => two|three|four ) Array ( [0] => one [1] => two [2] => three ) NOTES
Note This function is binary-safe. SEE ALSO
preg_split(3), str_split(3), mb_split(3), str_word_count(3), strtok(3), implode(3). PHP Documentation Group EXPLODE(3)

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