Operating Systems OS X (Apple) MacOS 10.15.2 Catalina display crash and system panic Post 303043942 by vbe on Tuesday 11th of February 2020 12:48:54 PM
So I am not the only having trouble with his mac...

I bought a second hand mid2012 2.6Ghz 4cores 16GB RAM and SSD this summer to replace the one I managed to burn the Graphics so motherboard... Since I installed Mojav ( very soon after received...) it was having its own life rebooting randomly without notice, OK most of time not loosing anything and back on screen where I was, but not always...

Lately I drove me down the bend so as still on warranty till end Jan 2020, I sent it back, It came back but I just spent my afternoon trying to figure out how to reinstall when you cant speak the language displayed (German) at the end I called the support Apple and we did it via chat ... stayed in German till I got the display of my account and changed in system preference...

But now I see I am back in High Sierra... pfffff

We in IT have to learn to live with days of Great Loneliness...
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DMXGetWindowAttributes(3X)												DMXGetWindowAttributes(3X)

DMXGetWindowAttributes - determine back-end window attributes SYNOPSIS
#include <X11/extensions/dmxext.h> Bool DMXGetWindowAttributes(Display *dpy, Window window, int *screen_count, int available_count, DMXWindowAttributes *attr); DESCRIPTION
When calling DMXGetWindowAttributes(), window specifies the window ID of a window on the Xdmx(1) server and available_count specifies the length of attr. The number of screens for which information is available will be returned in screen_count and information about those screen will be returned in attr. If screen_count is less than available_count, then information for all of the screens will be returned. Otherwise, information for the first available_count screens will be returned. The DMXWindowAttributes structure is: typedef struct { int screen; Window window; XRectangle pos, vis; } DMXWindowAttributes; For each back-end X server that displays a portion of window, this structure contains the physical screen containing that portion, the win- dow ID on the back-end X server of the window containing that portion, the position and dimensions of the window on the back-end (pos, in screen coordinates), and the visible area of the window on the back-end (vis, in window-relative coordinates -- all zeros if the window is not visible on the backend). To obtain more information about the physical screen use the DMXGetScreenAttributes(3X) call. Note that DMX allows multiple back-end windows to overlap in their view of the DMX logical window. Further, a logical window does not have to be completely covered by back-end windows -- there may be gaps. As an example, consider a 500x500 window that spans the top two 1024x768 back-end displays (A and B) of a 2048x1536 DMX display composed of 4 1024x768 back-end displays arranged in a cube: A B C D In this case, the DMXGetWindowAttributes call would return the following information for the 500x500 window: display A: 500x500 window at 1024-250,0 (relative to back end) with 250x500 visible at 0,0 (relative to window origin) display B: 500x500 window at -250,0 (relative to back end) with 250x500 visible at 250,0 (relative to window origin) display C: 500x500 window at 1024-250,-768 with 0x0 visible at 0,0 display D: 500x500 window at -250,-768 with 0x0 visible at 0,0 RETURN VALUE
DMXGetWindowAttributes() returns True unless there is a protocol error. DMXGetWindowAttributes() can generate BadWindow and BadAlloc errors. NOTES
Because this call transports a great deal of information over the wire, please call DMXGetScreenCount(3X) first, and make sure attr is suf- ficiently large. On a particular back-end server, it is possible that the associated window has not yet been mapped because the XMapWindow(3X) call that will eventually map the window had been buffered by Xlib's normal buffering system. To avoid this race condition, please call DMXSync(3X) before communicating directly with the back-end X server. SEE ALSO
DMXGetScreenCount(3X), DMXSync(3X), DMXGetScreenAttributes(3X), DMX(3X), Xdmx(1) X Version 11 libdmx 1.0.2 DMXGetWindowAttributes(3X)

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