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The Lounge What is on Your Mind? The worlds first classical Chinese program language. Post 303043895 by hicksd8 on Monday 10th of February 2020 12:16:43 PM
Old 02-10-2020
I've thought about the Chinese technology advances for years especially when the IBM, Microsoft and Google bashers in the USA would recommend that such powerful companies should be fined and/or forcibly broken up because they take advantage of the technology that they have developed to maintain their lead. When, eventually, the leading computer companies in the world are all Chinese these bashers will be saying "what have we done!!!"

Bashers should sit up and smell the coffee.

PS. And that also applies to the European Union bashing of American companies.
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Encode::TW(3pm) 					 Perl Programmers Reference Guide					   Encode::TW(3pm)

Encode::TW - Taiwan-based Chinese Encodings SYNOPSIS
use Encode qw/encode decode/; $big5 = encode("big5", $utf8); # loads Encode::TW implicitly $utf8 = decode("big5", $big5); # ditto DESCRIPTION
This module implements tradition Chinese charset encodings as used in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Encodings supported are as follows. Canonical Alias Description -------------------------------------------------------------------- big5-eten /big-?5$/i Big5 encoding (with ETen extensions) /big5-?et(en)?$/i /tca-?big5$/i big5-hkscs /big5-?hk(scs)?$/i /hk(scs)?-?big5$/i Big5 + Cantonese characters in Hong Kong MacChineseTrad Big5 + Apple Vendor Mappings cp950 Code Page 950 = Big5 + Microsoft vendor mappings -------------------------------------------------------------------- To find out how to use this module in detail, see Encode. NOTES
Due to size concerns, "EUC-TW" (Extended Unix Character), "CCCII" (Chinese Character Code for Information Interchange), "BIG5PLUS" (CMEX's Big5+) and "BIG5EXT" (CMEX's Big5e) are distributed separately on CPAN, under the name Encode::HanExtra. That module also contains extra China-based encodings. BUGS
Since the original "big5" encoding(1984) is not supported anywhere (glibc and DOS-based systems uses "big5" to mean "big5-eten"; Microsoft uses "big5" to mean "cp950"), a conscious decision was made to alias "big5" to "big5-eten", which is the de facto superset of the original big5. The "CNS11643" encoding files are not complete. For common "CNS11643" manipulation, please use "EUC-TW" in Encode::HanExtra, which contains planes 1-7. The ASCII region (0x00-0x7f) is preserved for all encodings, even though this conflicts with mappings by the Unicode Consortium. See <> to find out why it is implemented that way. SEE ALSO
Encode perl v5.8.0 2002-06-01 Encode::TW(3pm)

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