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Including a space in the [ ] is okay but there is also (at least) one following space.
So either have
/[,.!? ] */

i.e. a following space is not required; this would also cover

Or have
/[,.!?]\{0,1\}  */

i.e. a [ ] character may occur 0 or 1 times, followed by (at least) one space.
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fmlcut(1F)							   FMLI Commands							fmlcut(1F)

fmlcut - cut out selected fields of each line of a file SYNOPSIS
fmlcut -clist [filename]... fmlcut -flist [-dchar] [-s] [filename]... DESCRIPTION
The fmlcut function cuts out columns from a table or fields from each line in filename; in database parlance, it implements the projection of a relation. fmlcut can be used as a filter; if filename is not specified or is -, the standard input is read. list specifies the fields to be selected. Fields can be fixed length (character positions) or variable length (separated by a field delimiter character), depending on whether -c or -f is specified. Note: Either the -c or the -f option must be specified. OPTIONS
list A comma-separated list of integer field numbers (in increasing order), with optional - to indicate ranges. For example: 1,4,7; 1-3,8; -5,10 (short for 1-5,10); or 3- (short for third through last field). -clist If -c is specified, list specifies character positions (for instance, -c1-72 would pass the first 72 characters of each line). Note: No space intervenes between -c and list. -flist If -f is specified, list is a list of fields assumed to be separated in the file by the default delimiter character, TAB, or by char if the -d option is specified. For example, -f1,7 copies the first and seventh field only. Lines with no delimiter charac- ters are passed through intact (useful for table subheadings), unless -s is specified. Note: No space intervenes between -f and list. The following options can be used if you have specified -f. -dchar If -d is specified, char is the field delimiter. Space or other characters with special meaning to FMLI must be quoted. Note: No space intervenes between -d and char . The default field delimiter is TAB. -s Suppresses lines with no delimiter characters. If -s is not specified, lines with no delimiters will be passed through untouched. EXAMPLES
Example 1 Getting login IDs and names The following example gets the login IDs and names. example% fmlcut -d: -f1,5 /etc/passwd Example 2 Getting the current login name The next example gets the current login name. example% `who am i | fmlcut -f1 -d" "` ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Availability |SUNWcsu | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
fmlgrep(1F), attributes(5) DIAGNOSTICS
fmlcut returns the following exit values: 0 when the selected field is successfully cut out 2 on syntax errors The following error messages may be displayed on the FMLI message line: ERROR: line too long A line has more than 1023 characters or fields, or there is no new-line character. ERROR: bad list for c/f option Missing -c or -f option or incorrectly specified list. No error occurs if a line has fewer fields than the list calls for. ERROR: no fields The list is empty. ERROR: no delimiter Missing char on -d option. NOTES
fmlcut cannot correctly process lines longer than 1023 characters, or lines with no newline character. SunOS 5.11 5 Jul 1990 fmlcut(1F)

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