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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Upgrading legacy packages with patch Post 303043772 by Neo on Thursday 6th of February 2020 04:07:56 AM
Old 02-06-2020
Well, they all cannot have the same mission criticality and risk management profile.

Did you avoid answering these very important question for a particular reason?

And how mission critical are these production servers?

What is the risk management profile of each one of them?

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LUCKYBACKUP(8)						      System Manager's Manual						    LUCKYBACKUP(8)

luckybackup - a powerful, fast and reliable backup & sync tool SYNOPSIS
luckybackup [OPTIONS]... [FILE]... DESCRIPTION
luckybackup is an application that backs-up and/or synchronizes any directories with the power of rsync OPTIONS
--help displays this help message --version displays the current version of the application --skip-critical does not execute tasks that appear with a 'CRITICAL' warning message --dry-run executes luckybackup in dry-run (simulation) mode --silent executes luckybackup in silent mode (just tray notification icon shown) -c console mode. Use this, if there is no graphical envrironment available --no-questions skips confirmation questions asked to user. Implies -c (console mode) [FILE] is the filename of the already created profile that is going to be executed examples 1. Execute luckybackup gui : $ luckybackup 2. Execute luckybackup in silent mode for profile '~/.luckyBackup/profiles/BackupHome.profile' : $ luckybackup --silent ~/.luckyBackup/profiles/BackupHome.profile 3. Execute luckybackup in console mode for profile '~/.luckyBackup/profiles/BackupHome.profile' : $ luckybackup -c BackupHome.profile 4. Execute luckybackup in console mode for profile '~/.luckyBackup/profiles/BackupHome.profile' Do not ask any questions and skip all operations that appear CRITICAL after the checks : $ luckybackup --skip-critical --no-questions ~/.luckyBackup/profiles/BackupHome.profile SEE ALSO
For a complete documentation, please have a look at the application manual via the gui main window help menu. AUTHOR
luckybackup was written by <Loukas Avgeriou>. This manual page was written by luckyb <luckyb69@sourceforge.net>, for the Debian project (but may be used by others). 2011-01-12 LUCKYBACKUP(8)

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