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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Upgrading legacy packages with patch Post 303043765 by jim mcnamara on Wednesday 5th of February 2020 10:57:11 PM
Old 02-05-2020
Patching might not work - because the patch may assume versions of the link libraries that are different from what you linked in your original build.
Do you have a sandbox to test the patch? Try it there first. We have a couple of virtual boxes that we can play with for testing. We refresh them using the current production version. -- after we trash them.

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PERLMACHTEN(1)						 Perl Programmers Reference Guide					    PERLMACHTEN(1)

README.machten - Perl version 5 on Power MachTen systems DESCRIPTION
This document describes how to build Perl 5 on Power MachTen systems, and discusses a few wrinkles in the implementation. Compiling Perl 5 on MachTen To compile perl under MachTen 4.1.4 (and probably earlier versions): ./Configure -de make make test make install This builds and installs a statically-linked perl; MachTen's dynamic linking facilities are not adequate to support Perl's use of dynami- cally linked libraries. (See hints/machten.sh for more information.) You should have at least 32 megabytes of free memory on your system before running the "make" command. For much more information on building perl -- for example, on how to change the default installation directory -- see INSTALL. Failures during "make test" on MachTen op/lexassign.t This test may fail when first run after building perl. It does not fail subsequently. The cause is unknown. pragma/warnings.t Test 257 fails due to a failure to warn about attempts to read from a filehandle which is a duplicate of stdout when stdout is attached to a pipe. The output of the test contains a block comment which discusses a different failure, not applicable to MachTen. The root of the problem is that Machten does not assign a file type to either end of a pipe (see stat), resulting, among other things in Perl's "-p" test failing on file descriptors belonging to pipes. As a result, perl becomes confused, and the test for reading from a write-only file fails. I am reluctant to patch perl to get around this, as it's clearly an OS bug (about which Tenon has been informed), and limited in its effect on practical Perl programs. Building external modules on MachTen To add an external module to perl, build in the normal way, which is documented in ExtUtils::MakeMaker, or which can be driven automati- cally by the CPAN module (see CPAN), which is part of the standard distribution. If you want to install a module which contains XS code (C or C++ source which compiles to object code for linking with perl), you will have to replace your perl binary with a new version containing the new statically-linked object module. The build process tells you how to do this. There is a gotcha, however, which users usually encounter immediately they respond to CPAN's invitation to "install Bundle::CPAN". When installing a bundle -- a group of modules which together achieve some particular purpose, the installation process for later modules in the bundle tends to assume that earlier modules have been fully installed and are available for use. This is not true on a statically-linked system for earlier modules which contain XS code. As a result the installation of the bundle fails. The work-around is not to install the bundle as a one-shot operation, but instead to see what modules it contains, and install these one-at-a-time by hand in the order given. AUTHOR
Dominic Dunlop <domo@computer.org> DATE
Version 1.0.1 2000-03-27 perl v5.8.0 2003-02-18 PERLMACHTEN(1)

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