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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users Upgrading legacy packages with patch Post 303043763 by anaigini45 on Wednesday 5th of February 2020 10:20:41 PM
Old 02-05-2020
Upgrading legacy packages with patch


All of our production servers are installed with Apache and OpenSSL from source and not yum.
My boss has assigned me with a task of upgrading all production servers Apache httpd & openssl to the latest patch from Centos Repo.

Is it possible to do this via yum? Please suggest the best ways to perform this.


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GBP-PQ(1)						      git-buildpackage Manual							 GBP-PQ(1)

gbp-pq - Manage quilt patches on patch queue branches in git SYNOPSIS
gbp-pq [ --verbose ] [ --color=[auto|on|off] ] [ --[no-]patch-numbers ] [ --topic=topic ] [ --time-machine=num ] drop | export | import | rebase | switch DESCRIPTION
gbp-pq helps one to manage quilt patches in Debian packages that are maintained with git-buildpackage. This is especially useful with pack- ages using the 3.0 (quilt) source format. With gbp-pq you can maintain the quilt patches that should be applied to a package on a separate branch called patch-queue branch. So if your Debian package lives on master the associated patch-queue branch will be called patch- queue/master. See <URL:https://honk.sigxcpu.org/piki/development/debian_packages_in_git/> for example workflows. ACTIONS
import Create a patch queue branch from quilt patches in debian/patches/ that are listed in debian/patches/series. export Export the patches on the patch-queue branch associated to the current branch into a quilt patch series in debian/patches/ and update the series file. rebase Switch to the patch-queue branch associated to the current branch and rebase it against the current branch. drop Drop (delete) the patch queue associated to the current branch. So if you're on branch foo this would drop branch patch-queue/foo. apply Add a single patch to the patch-queue similar to using git-am. Use --topic if you want the patch to appear in a separate subdir when exporting the patch queue using export. This can be used to separate upstream pathes from debian specific patches. switch Switch to the patch-queue branch if on the base branch and switch to base branch if on patch-queue branch. OPTIONS
--verbose -v verbose execution --color=[auto|on|off] Whether to use colored output. --[no-]patch-numbers Whether the patch files should start with a number or not. --topic=topic Topic to use when importing a single patch --time-machine=NUM When importing a patch queue fails, go back commit by commit on the current branch to check if the patch-queue applies there. Do this at most NUM times. This can be useful if the patch-queue doesn't apply to the current branch HEAD anymore, e.g. after import- ing a new upstream version. TAGS
When exporting patches from a patch-queue branch gbp-pq will look at the patch header for special tags it recognizes. All tags need to start at the first column and require at least one whitespace after the colon. Gbp-Pq-Topic: topic Moves the patch into a subdir called topic when running gbp-pq export . This allows for some structure below debian/patches. SEE ALSO
git-buildpackage(1), dpkg-source(1), quilt(1), gbp.conf(5) AUTHOR
Guido Guenther <agx@sigxcpu.org> 01 June 2012 GBP-PQ(1)

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