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Top Forums UNIX for Beginners Questions & Answers awk Script Post 303043462 by adgjmpt on Wednesday 29th of January 2020 07:21:58 AM
I tried to format the whole issue.

Below is the code i am currently using


cd /cygdrive/c/output/LLDP
#cat *.txt > output_temp.txt


echo "Hostname, IP, Capabilities, Dest_Host, Local_Port, Mgmt_IP, Remote Platform, Remote_Port, SysName, Version, Chasis_ID" >$i

awk '
                {sub ("\r+$", _)
/spawn/         {sub (/^.*@/, _)
                 IP = $0
                 NENM = DESC = ""
/NE name:/      {NENM = $4
/System Capabilities: / {sub (/^System Capabilities: /, _)
                 SYCP = $0
/System Name: / {sub (/^System Name: /, _)
                 SYNM = $0
/Local Intf: / {sub (/^Local Intf: /, _)
                 LCINF = $0
/IP: / {sub (/^IP:  /, _)
                 MGIP = $2
/Port id: / {sub (/^Port id: /, _)
                 RMPR = $0
/Port Description: / {sub (/^Port Description: /, _)
                 PODES = $0
/VRP (R) software& Version  / {sub (/^/, _)
                 VER = $0
/Chassis id: / {sub (/^Chassis id: /, _)
                 CHID = $0
/System Desc/   {getline
                 sub ("\r+$", _)
                 print NENM, IP, SYCP , SYNM , LCINF, MGIP, $0, PODES, RMPR,VER, CHID 			 
' OFS=, /cygdrive/c/output/LLDP/output.txt >>$i

Input text file is attached.

As you can see in the output "Capabilities" and "Mgmt_IP" output is printed in the second row instead of the first.

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FCNSQ(8)							  Open-FCoE Tools							  FCNSQ(8)

fcnsq - Fibre Channel Name Server Query Tool SYNOPSIS
fcnsq host --gpn port_id [-q | --quiet] fcnsq host --gnn port_id [-q | --quiet] fcnsq host --gspn port_id [-q | --quiet] fcnsq host --gsnn wwpn [-q | --quiet] fcnsq ? DESCRIPTION
The fcnsq command performs Fibre Channel Name Server queries for a user-specified FC Host. The supported name server query commands include: Get Port Name (GPN), Get Node Name (GNN), Get Symbolic Node Name (GSNN), and Get Symbolic Port Name (GSPN) as described in FC-GS-3 for the Common Transport (CT) services. fcnsq takes the host bsg name as the input for the target host. Host bsg name must be a valid bsg device, e.g., "host12" as derived from /dev/bsg/fc_host12. For each name server query command, the argument is either a Port ID or a World Wide Port Name. Port IDs and World Wide Names must be specified in hexadecimal. To disable verbose output, use the --quiet option. OPTIONS
host --gpn port_id Get Port Name by Port ID for host. host --gnn port_id Get Node Name by Port ID for host. host --gspn port_id Get Symbolic Port Name by Port ID for host. host --gsnn wwpn Get Symbolic Node Name by World Wide Port Name for host. -q, --quiet Disable verbose output. ? Display a help message with basic usage instructions. EXAMPLES
Query Get Port Name (GPN) from host12 for Port ID 0xbf0027 fcnsq host12 --gpn bf0027 Query Get Node Name (GNN) from host12 for Port ID 0xbf0027 fcnsq host12 --gnn bf0027 Query Get Symbolic Port Name (GSPN) from host12 for Port ID 0xbf0027 fcnsq host12 --gspn bf0027 Query Get Symbolic Node Name (GSNN) from host12 for WWWPN 0x1000001B213C9DDA fcnsq host12 --gsnn 0x1000001B213C9DDA SEE ALSO
fcoeadm(8) SUPPORT
fcnsq is part of the fcoe-utils package, maintained through the Open-FCoE project. Resources for both developers and users can be found at the Open-FCoE website Open-FCoE 06/09/2010 FCNSQ(8)

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