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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users AIX find duplicate backup files Post 303043309 by jim mcnamara on Thursday 23rd of January 2020 11:44:54 PM
Old 01-24-2020
Duplicate means has the same identical data. From your comment I think you want something else - like the intent - what the file represents.

If you really mean duplicate, a simple checksum cksum will do as a start:
cksum  server1_1* | sort -n

If you want filetimes or something else please give the specifics.

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cksum(n)						     Cyclic Redundancy Checks							  cksum(n)


cksum - Calculate a cksum(1) compatible checksum SYNOPSIS
package require Tcl 8.2 package require cksum ?1.1.3? ::crc::cksum ?-format format? ?-chunksize size? [ -channel chan | -filename file | string ] ::crc::CksumInit ::crc::CksumUpdate token data ::crc::CksumFinal token _________________________________________________________________ DESCRIPTION
This package provides a Tcl implementation of the cksum(1) algorithm based upon information provided at in the GNU implementation of this program as part of the GNU Textutils 2.0 package. COMMANDS
::crc::cksum ?-format format? ?-chunksize size? [ -channel chan | -filename file | string ] The command takes string data or a channel or file name and returns a checksum value calculated using the cksum(1) algorithm. The result is formatted using the format(n) specifier provided or as an unsigned integer (%u) by default. OPTIONS
-channel name Return a checksum for the data read from a channel. The command will read data from the channel until the eof is true. If you need to be able to process events during this calculation see the PROGRAMMING INTERFACE section -filename name This is a convenience option that opens the specified file, sets the encoding to binary and then acts as if the -channel option had been used. The file is closed on completion. -format string Return the checksum using an alternative format template. PROGRAMMING INTERFACE
The cksum package implements the checksum using a context variable to which additional data can be added at any time. This is expecially useful in an event based environment such as a Tk application or a web server package. Data to be checksummed may be handled incrementally during a fileevent handler in discrete chunks. This can improve the interactive nature of a GUI application and can help to avoid excessive memory consumption. ::crc::CksumInit Begins a new cksum context. Returns a token ID that must be used for the remaining functions. An optional seed may be specified if required. ::crc::CksumUpdate token data Add data to the checksum identified by token. Calling CksumUpdate $token "abcd" is equivalent to calling CksumUpdate $token "ab" followed by CksumUpdate $token "cb". See EXAMPLES. ::crc::CksumFinal token Returns the checksum value and releases any resources held by this token. Once this command completes the token will be invalid. The result is a 32 bit integer value. EXAMPLES
% crc::cksum "Hello, World!" 2609532967 % crc::cksum -format 0x%X "Hello, World!" 0x9B8A5027 % crc::cksum -file cksum.tcl 1828321145 % set tok [crc::CksumInit] % crc::CksumUpdate $tok "Hello, " % crc::CksumUpdate $tok "World!" % crc::CksumFinal $tok 2609532967 AUTHORS
Pat Thoyts BUGS, IDEAS, FEEDBACK This document, and the package it describes, will undoubtedly contain bugs and other problems. Please report such in the category crc of the Tcllib SF Trackers [http://sourceforge.net/tracker/?group_id=12883]. Please also report any ideas for enhancements you may have for either package and/or documentation. SEE ALSO
crc32(n), sum(n) KEYWORDS
checksum, cksum, crc, crc32, cyclic redundancy check, data integrity, security CATEGORY
Hashes, checksums, and encryption COPYRIGHT
Copyright (c) 2002, Pat Thoyts crc 1.1.3 cksum(n)

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