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Top Forums UNIX for Advanced & Expert Users AIX find duplicate backup files Post 303043306 by cokedude on Thursday 23rd of January 2020 06:31:01 PM
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AIX find and delete old backup files

I would like find and delete old backup files in aix. How would I go about doing this? For example:


How would I go about finding and deleting old backup files? I would like to be left with only this after deleting the old backups.


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BBACKUPCTL(8)							    Box Backup							     BBACKUPCTL(8)

bbackupctl - Control the Box Backup client daemon SYNOPSIS
bbackupctl [-q] [-c config-file] command DESCRIPTION
bbackupctl sends commands to a running bbackupd daemon on a client machine. It can be used to force an immediate backup, tell the daemon to reload its configuration files or stop the daemon. If bbackupd is configured in snapshot mode, it will not back up automatically, and the bbackupctl must be used to tell it when to start a backup. Communication with the bbackupd daemon takes place over a local socket (not over the network). Some platforms (notably Windows) can't determine if the user connecting on this socket has the correct credentials to execute the commands. On these platforms, ANY local user can interfere with bbackupd. To avoid this, remove the CommandSocket option from bbackupd.conf, which will also disable bbackupctl. See the Client Configuration page for more information. bbackupctl needs to read the bbackupd configuration file to find out the name of the CommandSocket. If you have to tell bbackupd where to find the configuration file, you will have to tell bbackupctl as well. The default on Unix systems is usually /etc/box/bbackupd.conf. On Windows systems, it is bbackupd.conf in the same directory where bbackupd.exe is located. If bbackupctl cannot find or read the configuration file, it will log an error message and exit. bbackupctl usually writes error messages to the console and the system logs. If it is not doing what you expect, please check these outputs first of all. -q Run in quiet mode. -c config-file Specify configuration file. Commands The following commands are available in bbackupctl: terminate This command cleanly shuts down bbackupd. This is better than killing or terminating it any other way. reload Causes the bbackupd daemon to re-read all its configuration files. Equivalent to kill -HUP. sync Initiates a backup. If no files need to be backed up, no connection will be made to the server. force-sync Initiates a backup, even if the SyncAllowScript says that no backup should run now. wait-for-sync Passively waits until the next backup starts of its own accord, and then terminates. wait-for-end Passively waits until the next backup starts of its own accord and finishes, and then terminates. sync-and-wait Initiates a backup, waits for it to finish, and then terminates. FILES
/etc/box/bbackupd.conf SEE ALSO
bbackupd.conf(5), bbackupd-config(8), bbackupctl(8) AUTHORS
Ben Summers Per Thomsen James O'Gorman Box Backup 0.11 10/28/2011 BBACKUPCTL(8)

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