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Operating Systems AIX VIOS requirement for FC and ethernet Post 303043032 by Phat on Thursday 16th of January 2020 04:02:56 AM
Old 01-16-2020
Hi Zmaus,

Thank for your suggestion. I remove the IP from physical adapter, create new virtual adapter with "shared ethernet adapter".

Run again the command:
mkvdev -sea ent0 -vadapter ent2 -default ent2 -defaultid 2

Then, on AIX lpar (vio client) create new virtual ethernet. Then use smitty tcpip to configure the IP.
I can end up pinging the aix lpar Smilie

Regarding your question, this frame is no longer used in prod, so I took it as my test machine with few lpar and 1 VIOS only.

I have internal disks(SAS). But I wonder, if I have only 1 physical FC connected with LUN, Could I reuse it also for another virtual FCs to connect to other Lun? or I need another physical FC to do that?

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IFDHPowerICC(3SMARTCARD)				    Smartcard Library Functions 				  IFDHPowerICC(3SMARTCARD)

IFDHPowerICC - power up or power down the smart card SYNOPSIS
#include <smartcard/ifdhandler.h> RESPONSECODE IFDHPowerICC(DWORD Lun, DWORD Action, PUCHAR Atr, PDWORD AtrLength); PARAMETERS
The IFDHPowerICC() takes the following parameters: Input Lun Logical Unit Number Action Action to be taken AtrLength Maximum length of the ATR Output Atr Answer to Reset (ATR) value of the inserted card AtrLength Actual length of the ATR DESCRIPTION
The IFDHPowerICC() function controls the power and reset signals of the ICC (smart card) at the reader or slot specified by Lun. The Action parameter can take one of the following values: IFD_POWER_UP Power and reset the card. Return the ATR and its length. IFD_POWER_DOWN Power down the card. The Atr and AtrLength parameters are set to 0. IFD_RESET Perform a quick reset on the card. Return the ATR and its length. The IFD handler caches the ATR during a power up or reset and returns the ATR and its length in a call to IFDHGetCapabilities(3SMARTCARD). Memory cards without an ATR return IFD_SUCCESS on power up or reset but Atr and AtrLength are set to 0. RETURN VALUES
The following values are returned: IFD_SUCCESS Successful completion. IFD_ERROR_POWER_ACTION An error occurred while powering up or resetting the card. IFD_NOT_SUPPORTED The action specified by Action is not supported. IFD_COMMUNICATION_ERROR An error occurred. ATTRIBUTES
See attributes(5) for descriptions of the following attributes: +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ | ATTRIBUTE TYPE | ATTRIBUTE VALUE | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ |Interface Stability |Evolving | +-----------------------------+-----------------------------+ SEE ALSO
IFDHCreateChannelByName(3SMARTCARD), IFDHGetCapabilities(3SMARTCARD), attributes(5) NOTES
This manual page is derived from the MUSCLE PC/SC IFD Driver Developer Kit documentation. License terms and attribution and copyright information for this interface are available at the default location /var/sadm/pkg/SUNWocfh/install/copyright. If the Solaris Operating Environment has been installed anywhere other than the default location, modify the path to access the file at the installed location. SunOS 5.10 4 Dec 2002 IFDHPowerICC(3SMARTCARD)

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