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The latter suggestion is portable.
Once defined as a function it becomes handy:
rightpad0() { printf "%s%0$((${1}-${#2}))d\n" "${2}"; }

rightpad0 9 2457

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GStreamer::Element(3pm) 				User Contributed Perl Documentation				   GStreamer::Element(3pm)

GStreamer::Element - Abstract base class for all pipeline elements HIERARCHY
Glib::Object +----GStreamer::Object +----GStreamer::Element METHODS
$element->abort_state boolean = $element->add_pad ($pad) o $pad (GStreamer::Pad) unsigned integer = $element->get_base_time $element->set_base_time ($time) o $time (unsigned integer) bus or undef = $element->get_bus clock or undef = $element->get_clock $element->set_clock ($clock) o $clock (GStreamer::Clock or undef) pad = $element->get_compatible_pad ($pad, $caps) o $pad (GStreamer::Pad) o $caps (GStreamer::Caps) padtemplate or undef = $element->get_compatible_pad_template ($compattempl) o $compattempl (GStreamer::PadTemplate) statechangereturn = $element->continue_state ($ret) o $ret (GStreamer::StateChangeReturn) elementfactory = $element->get_factory $element->found_tags ($tag_list) o $tag_list (GStreamer::TagList) $element->found_tags_for_pad ($pad, $list) o $pad (GStreamer::Pad) o $list (GStreamer::TagList) index or undef = $element->get_index $element->set_index ($index) o $index (GStreamer::Index) boolean = $element->is_indexable boolean = $element->is_locked_state iterator = $element->iterate_pads iterator = $element->iterate_sink_pads iterator = $element->iterate_src_pads boolean = $src->link ($dest, ...) o $dest (GStreamer::Element) o ... (list) boolean = $src->link_filtered ($dest, $filtercaps) o $dest (GStreamer::Element) o $filtercaps (GStreamer::Caps or undef) boolean = $src->link_pads ($srcpadname, $dest, $destpadname) o $srcpadname (string) o $dest (GStreamer::Element) o $destpadname (string) boolean = $src->link_pads_filtered ($srcpadname, $dest, $destpadname, $filtercaps) o $srcpadname (string) o $dest (GStreamer::Element) o $destpadname (string) o $filtercaps (GStreamer::Caps or undef) boolean = $element->set_locked_state ($locked_state) o $locked_state (boolean) $element->lost_state $element->no_more_pads pad or undef = $element->get_pad ($name) o $name (string) boolean = $element->post_message ($message) o $message (GstMessage) clock or undef = $element->provide_clock boolean = $element->provides_clock boolean = $element->query ($query) o $query (GstQuery) list = $element->get_query_types boolean = $element->remove_pad ($pad) o $pad (GStreamer::Pad) pad or undef = $element->get_request_pad ($name) o $name (string) boolean = $element->requires_clock boolean = $element->seek ($rate, $format, $flags, $cur_type, $cur, $stop_type, $stop) o $rate (double) o $format (GStreamer::Format) o $flags (GStreamer::SeekFlags) o $cur_type (GStreamer::SeekType) o $cur (64 bit integer) o $stop_type (GStreamer::SeekType) o $stop (64 bit integer) boolean = $element->send_event ($event) o $event (GstEvent) list = $element->get_state ($timeout) o $timeout (unsigned integer) statechangereturn = $element->set_state ($state) o $state (GStreamer::State) pad or undef = $element->get_static_pad ($name) o $name (string) boolean = $element->sync_state_with_parent $src->unlink ($dest, ...) o $dest (GStreamer::Element) o ... (list) $src->unlink_pads ($srcpadname, $dest, $destpadname) o $srcpadname (string) o $dest (GStreamer::Element) o $destpadname (string) SIGNALS
pad-added (GStreamer::Element, GStreamer::Pad) pad-removed (GStreamer::Element, GStreamer::Pad) no-more-pads (GStreamer::Element) ENUMS AND FLAGS
enum GStreamer::Format o 'undefined' / 'GST_FORMAT_UNDEFINED' o 'default' / 'GST_FORMAT_DEFAULT' o 'bytes' / 'GST_FORMAT_BYTES' o 'time' / 'GST_FORMAT_TIME' o 'buffers' / 'GST_FORMAT_BUFFERS' o 'percent' / 'GST_FORMAT_PERCENT' flags GStreamer::SeekFlags o 'none' / 'GST_SEEK_FLAG_NONE' o 'flush' / 'GST_SEEK_FLAG_FLUSH' o 'accurate' / 'GST_SEEK_FLAG_ACCURATE' o 'key-unit' / 'GST_SEEK_FLAG_KEY_UNIT' o 'segment' / 'GST_SEEK_FLAG_SEGMENT' o 'skip' / 'GST_SEEK_FLAG_SKIP' enum GStreamer::SeekType o 'none' / 'GST_SEEK_TYPE_NONE' o 'cur' / 'GST_SEEK_TYPE_CUR' o 'set' / 'GST_SEEK_TYPE_SET' o 'end' / 'GST_SEEK_TYPE_END' enum GStreamer::State o 'void-pending' / 'GST_STATE_VOID_PENDING' o 'null' / 'GST_STATE_NULL' o 'ready' / 'GST_STATE_READY' o 'paused' / 'GST_STATE_PAUSED' o 'playing' / 'GST_STATE_PLAYING' enum GStreamer::StateChangeReturn o 'failure' / 'GST_STATE_CHANGE_FAILURE' o 'success' / 'GST_STATE_CHANGE_SUCCESS' o 'async' / 'GST_STATE_CHANGE_ASYNC' o 'no-preroll' / 'GST_STATE_CHANGE_NO_PREROLL' SEE ALSO
GStreamer, Glib::Object, GStreamer::Object COPYRIGHT
Copyright (C) 2005-2011 by the gtk2-perl team. This software is licensed under the LGPL. See GStreamer for a full notice. perl v5.14.2 2012-03-01 GStreamer::Element(3pm)

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