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As jgt already mentionned, we dont have much info on what /what extent you are moving what from mainframe to unix, COBOL is just the language used to program.... when I had to do the migration from OS/3 (Unisys) to unix, it was not the Cobol the pain ( I am not saying it was easy...) but I because of time limit had a port 1 to 1 ( make a unix box work and look like a mainframe...) I realized that I had no idea how transaction monitors worked, having just a little experience with Tuxedo...
my last port I did was stopped at 80% for political reasons, I opted for a version of open-cobol... Worked well many tools for conversion of data structure etc... but like the previous getting a transation monitor working means being able to emulate the screen the application uses/used on mainframe can be quite a challenging task... In other words you need a team to work on that in parallel...
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Net(3)							User Contributed Perl Documentation						    Net(3)

Gimp::Net - Communication module for the gimp-perl server. SYNOPSIS
For Gimp::Net (and thus commandline and remote scripts) to work, you first have to install the "Perl-Server" extension somewhere where Gimp can find it (e.g in your .gimp/plug-ins/ directory). Usually this is done automatically while installing the Gimp extension. If you have a menu entry "<Xtns"/Perl-Server> then it is probably installed. The Perl-Server can either be started from the "<Xtns"> menu in Gimp, or automatically when a perl script can't find a running Perl-Server. When started from within The Gimp, the Perl-Server will create a unix domain socket to which local clients can connect. If an authorization password is given to the Perl-Server (by defining the environment variable "GIMP_HOST" before starting The Gimp), it will also listen on a tcp port (default 10009). Since the password is transmitted in cleartext, using the Perl-Server over tcp effectively lowers the security of your network to the level of telnet. Even worse: the current Gimp::Net-protocol can be used for denial of service attacks, i.e. crashing the Perl-Server. There also *might* be buffer-overflows (although I do care a lot for these). ENVIRONMENT
The environment variable "GIMP_HOST" specifies the default server to contact and/or the password to use. The syntax is [auth@][tcp/]host- name[:port] for tcp, [auth@]unix/local/socket/path for unix and spawn/ for a private gimp instance. Examples are: # just kidding ;) # non-standard port tcp/ # make sure it uses tcp authorize@tcp/ # full-fledged specification unix/tmp/unx # use unix domain socket password@unix/tmp/test # additionally use a password authorize@ # specify authorization only spawn/ # use a private gimp instance spawn/nodata # pass --no-data switch spawn/gui # don't pass -n switch CALLBACKS
net() is called after we have succesfully connected to the server. Do your dirty work in this function, or see Gimp::Fu for a better solu- tion. FUNCTIONS
server_quit() sends the perl server a quit command. get_connection() return a connection id which uniquely identifies the current connection. set_connection(conn_id) set the connection to use on subsequent commands. "conn_id" is the connection id as returned by get_connection(). BUGS
(Ver 0.04) This module is much faster than it ought to be... Silly that I wondered wether I should implement it in perl or C, since perl is soo fast. AUTHOR
Marc Lehmann <> SEE ALSO
perl(1), Gimp. perl v5.8.0 2001-12-06 Net(3)

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