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User banned, requesting to revoke the ban.

My username is abhilashnair. I was banned recently for deleting my post. I wish to apologise for disregarding forum rules. I request you to revoke my ban and give me one more chance if possible, i assure you that I will abide by all rules henceforth
Since this is really informative forum and rich in resources, I wish to continue using the website
Kindly consider my request
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MONBOOB(1)						      General Commands Manual							MONBOOB(1)

monboob - Daemon allowing to regularly check for new messages on various websites SYNOPSIS
monboob [-dqv] [-b backends] [-cnfs] [command [arguments..]] monboob [--help] [--version] DESCRIPTION
Daemon allowing to regularly check for new messages on various websites, and send an email for each message, and post a reply to a message on a website. Supported websites: * aum ("Adopte un Mec" French dating website) * bnporc (BNP Paribas French bank website) * bouygues (Bouygues Telecom French mobile phone provider) * dlfp (Da Linux French Page news website) * ecrans (Ecrans French news website) * fourchan (4chan image board) * hds (Histoires de Sexe French erotic novels) * inrocks (Les Inrocks French news website) * lefigaro (Le Figaro French newspaper website) * minutes20 (2 Minutes French newspaper website) * newsfeed (Loads RSS and Atom feeds from any website) * okc (OkCupid dating website) * orange (Orange French mobile phone provider) * phpbb (phpBB forum) * presseurop (Presseurop website) * sfr (SFR French mobile phone provider) * taz (Taz newspaper website) MONBOOB COMMANDS
once Send mails only once, then exit. post Pipe with a mail to post message. run Run the fetching daemon. OPTIONS
--version show program's version number and exit -h, --help show this help message and exit -b BACKENDS, --backends=BACKENDS what backend(s) to enable (comma separated) MONBOOB OPTIONS
-S SMTPD, --smtpd=SMTPD run a fake smtpd server and set the port LOGGING OPTIONS
-d, --debug display debug messages -q, --quiet display only error messages -v, --verbose display info messages --logging-file=LOGGING_FILE file to save logs -a, --save-responses save every response RESULTS OPTIONS
-c CONDITION, --condition=CONDITION filter result items to display given a boolean expression -n COUNT, --count=COUNT get a maximum number of results (all backends merged) -s SELECT, --select=SELECT select result item keys to display (comma separated) FORMATTING OPTIONS
-f FORMATTER, --formatter=FORMATTER select output formatter (csv, htmltable, multiline, simple, table, webkit) --no-header do not display header --no-keys do not display item keys -O OUTFILE, --outfile=OUTFILE file to export result COPYRIGHT
Copyright(C) 2010-2011 Romain Bignon For full COPYRIGHT see COPYING file with weboob package. FILES
"~/.config/weboob/backends" "~/.config/weboob/monboob" SEE ALSO
Home page: monboob 0.c 04 May 2012 MONBOOB(1)

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